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Raytheon Australia invests in STEM with scholarships

The Raytheon Australia “Innovation in STEM” scholarship is awarded to students from Playford International College in Adelaide, South Australia. This scholarship seeks to aid and encourage the tertiary STEM studies of deserving students.

With more than a decade of commitment to investment in STEM, Raytheon Australia is encouraging the next generation of science, technology, maths and engineering professionals through a partnership with Playford International College. Partnered since 2015, the company and the college are providing scholarships to students who show drive, initiative and interest in STEM fields.

The Raytheon Australia “Innovation in STEM” scholarship is awarded to students from Playford International College in Adelaide, South Australia. This scholarship seeks to aid and encourage the tertiary STEM studies of deserving students.

With an objective of increasing the number of students who undertake further studies in STEM, Raytheon Australia’s partnership with the Playford International College aims to create and sustain student engagement in STEM, along with career pathways and opportunities for those who show passion for science, technology, engineering and maths.

The Raytheon Australia “Innovation in STEM” scholarship often provides a chance for students who may not have had the resources to further their STEM studies. Scholarship recipients are high achievers who have demonstrated capabilities and enthusiasm for the world of STEM. Their stories are the ones that inspire and motivate the next generation.

Javeria Ali has dreamt of becoming an engineer in the two years she has been enrolled at Playford International College. She is a full year ahead of her peers, and was awarded her Raytheon Australia “Innovation in STEM” scholarship in Year 11 whilst learning at a Year 12 level. Top of her class, Ali has always been a high achiever with an interest in STEM.

Her future goal is a Bachelor of Electrical and Mechatronic Engineering degree, and she notes that the scholarship will help her reach this goal.

“I wish I knew the benefits and opportunities in the STEM industry before I started studying STEM,” Ali said. “Now that I know all the opportunities that await me, I am very keen to continue my studies.”

This scholarship will help her pursue her dreams of being an engineer, she said.

Kittatam Saisaard has grown up with a passion for STEM. His time at Playford International College fostered his interests in maths and science.

His Raytheon Australia “Innovation in STEM” scholarship has unlocked new opportunities and allowed him to purchase a laptop to continue his studies. He is currently in his second year of his Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

His interests are diverse, but he has a passion and determination for a career in engineering and aims to have an extraordinary impact on people’s lives.

“The extent of the career opportunities that exist in STEM was something that I was unaware of at first. There’s an abundance of career paths that you can take in this field,” Saisaard said.

“Gaining this knowledge before I started to pursue this pathway made me more excited to educate myself about where it could take me in life,” he said. “Working within this industry allows us to be able to impact billions of lives around the world.”

Ella Homer gets excited by science and maths and hopes to pursue a career in engineering. A labour of love, she finds these subjects hard, but rewarding, and she is confident in her choice of career pathway.

Currently studying and excelling in Stage 2 Physics, Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods, Homer is a high performer all around with a side passion for music. She is a valued member of the school and spends much of her free time volunteering and participating in events such as the Women in Space Forum.

Working toward studying a Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering with Architecture at university next year, Homer notes that the Raytheon Australia “Innovation in STEM” scholarship has helped her accomplish her study goals and had an impact on her future success. Recently, she was able to purchase a laptop to start her preparations for university.

“I am very proud of winning the Raytheon Australia scholarship. I would say it is one of my greatest accomplishments along with achieving dux of my year level,” Homer said.

Xander Frith has always had an interest in maths and technology and as he learnt more, his passion for STEM has thrived.

Frith’s dedication enabled him to receive early entry to Flinders University in South Australia to study for a Bachelor’s of Information Technology. Receiving the Raytheon Australia “Innovation in STEM” scholarship has helped Frith with university costs and enabled him to buy a laptop to work with software needed to continue his education.

Frith is continuing to grow his expertise and develop stronger skills. He believes his future lies within a career in STEM.

“It was my love for technology that got me interested in STEM,” Frith said. “STEM was a new way of teaching within my school. They would get the coolest technology, and I wanted to use it to create amazing things.”

Published On: 06/02/2020
Last Updated: 06/10/2020