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Meet the new radar

The U.S. Army chose Raytheon to build LTAMDS. Raytheon’s winning LTAMDS design is a simultaneous 360-degree, Active Electronically Scanned Array radar.

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To leave no one behind

Raytheon and No Barriers are taking a team of 10 disabled veterans on the 2019 Veteran Wilderness Expedition in Big Bend National Park on the Rio Grande River in Southwest Texas. Jeremy Spruce, a 2018 participant, is alumnus coach of the expedition.

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Girl Scouts Cyber Challenge

Rising to the challenge

The Girl Scouts of the USA, in partnership with Raytheon, are launching their first Cyber Challenge, inviting middle school and high school Girl Scouts to test their skills.

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The silent sentinel

Radars are needed to detect low-flying, small drones and engagement is the endgame.

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Ten years strong

Raytheon's STSS tracking system has provided space-based missile warning for 10 years. Now it's inspiring the next generation of low-earth-orbit systems.

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Cracking the cookie code

Cryptogram puzzles launch the Girl Scouts Cyber Challenge.

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Stay protected while connected

A Raytheon expert and the National Cyber Security Alliance leader offer tips to stay cyber yearlong as October's National Cyber Security Awareness Month kicks off.

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Go code it on the mountain

Rapid software development methods help NORAD to remain agile.

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Zones for drones

Raytheon partners with AirMap to make skies safer for drones and manned aircraft.

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