Building for the future

Raytheon dedicates new facilities at its Arizona operations.

Social Responsibility
From one robot maker to another

Women engineers mentor 100 next-gen robo-makers at the FIRST Robotics Regionals.

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Global perspective

Strategy and security are the focus of Singapore summit: Raytheon exec.


The Dangerous Disconnect Between IT and Company Leadership
From Agenda: Our CEO, Tom Kennedy, explains how Digital cyber crime may now be costing businesses worldwide as much as $600 billion - yet at many organizations IT experts still don’t have a seat at the table.

Hacking and entering
A new FBI report shows that cybercrime is always changing, and defenses must adapt accordingly.

Cyber Cinderella story
Underdog U of Virginia team wins 2018 NCCDC college cyber championships.

The AI whisperer
This engineer is making artificial intelligence more trustworthy by studying how it thinks