The pod that protects pilots

The Next-Gen Jammer is made to dominate the contested electromagnetic spectrum.

Social Responsibility
Finding hope

A group of 13 disabled veterans prepare for an unforgettable journey: the Raytheon-No Barriers Veteran Wilderness Expedition at the Grand Canyon.

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Raytheon Overview

Solving the most complex challenges across every domain, Raytheon is helping make the world a safer place. See some of our innovations.

Defining the future of aerospace and defense

Defining the future of aerospace and defense


The eyes of Argus

What to do about drones
Cheap, capable quadcopters have created problems for people everywhere. How to respond depends on what you're defending.

The big picture
How multiple-intelligence gives a clearer picture of the complete battlespace – faster.

Breakthroughs on the launch pad
From LinkedIn: Raytheon CEO Tom Kennedy on the new generation of moonshot technologies.