Building for the future

Raytheon dedicates new facilities at its Arizona operations.

Social Responsibility
A champion who really counts

Texas Teen Luke Robitaille repeats as winner of Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Championship.

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To safeguard integrity

From LinkedIn: Raytheon CEO on cyber hackers who target data and truth.


Hacking and entering
A new FBI report shows that cybercrime is always changing, and defenses must adapt accordingly.

Cyber Cinderella story
Underdog U of Virginia team wins 2018 NCCDC college cyber championships.

The AI whisperer
This engineer is making artificial intelligence more trustworthy by studying how it thinks

Oh those desert sunsets
When Elena Jenkins moved to Tucson, Arizona, to attend the University of Arizona, she never imagined the bustling city in the Sonoran Desert would become her home away from home.