Forty-five down

High-power microwaves and lasers defeat multiple drones during US Army exercise.

Social Responsibility
Her mother's legacy

This second-gen engineer inspires other young women to pursue STEM careers.

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For military, cyber has many sides

The new domain stretches from sea to space, a Raytheon executive said at a recent cybersecurity conference.


The AI whisperer
This engineer is making artificial intelligence more trustworthy by studying how it thinks

Oh those desert sunsets
When Elena Jenkins moved to Tucson, Arizona, to attend the University of Arizona, she never imagined the bustling city in the Sonoran Desert would become her home away from home.

Beyond the mountaintop
From soaring peaks to deep space, this engineer thrives on exploration.

Exploring Europa
Raytheon technology is playing a key role in NASA’s promising new mission to search for life beyond Earth.