PLEXSYS Australia

Preparing Australia’s warfighters to operate successfully in complex combat environments through training -- in simulated yet realistic scenarios -- is the focus of PLEXSYS Australia.

PLEXSYS Australia Director Robert Miller, who served in the Royal Air Force for 25 years as a fighter allocator, said enhancing partnerships with the ADF and industry leaders such as Raytheon Australia, was key to the success of the constantly evolving SME.

“We help our warfighters who are heading into harm’s way, train and prepare for many of the real-world situations they are going to experience,” Miller said. “By working in partnership with Raytheon Australia as part of its SME program, Capability Plus, we believe we can enhance our business processes and procedures as we continue to grow.”

Using its recently developed software ASCOT 7, or Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer, PLEXSYS Australia can generate cutting-edge scenarios with constructive forces that create simulated environments to challenge the ADF’s next-generation capabilities.

Miller said ASCOT 7 played an integral role in the Royal Australian Air Force’s Exercise Virtual Pitch Black, which successfully delivered complex training scenarios in a synthetic environment to maximise interoperability, efficiency and effectiveness.

"Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) activities allow the RAAF to integrate and exercise advanced capabilities and tactics in a safe and secure environment without the necessity and cost of military members being airborne. ASCOT 7's state-of-the-art user interface, modular, and scalable environment generation capabilities are fantastic features to ensure the Warfighter is trained and ready."

“With ASCOT 7, we can ramp up the complexity of the training by integrating an actual Air Tasking Order to roll out an exercise where personnel are immersed in the scenario within minutes,” he said. “We can connect the simulated world to the live world.”