We're Space

We're Space

From the ground, up. We know space. 

Raytheon Australia has been delivering certified sovereign space solutions and complex systems integration to the Australian Defence Force for more than 20 years. We are the leading complex systems integrator for space ground segment in Australia. 

From delivering a proven global space surveillance capability at the Harold E. Holt Naval Communications Station to our role as a capability partner to NASA and CSIRO to deliver deep space communications, we know space.

We have a demonstrated pedigree in space operations and systems management across the country and are a demonstrated certification agent for bespoke complex systems for the Australian Defence Force.

With our depth of expertise in managing multiple constellations and missions with a single ground control system, we are sending our integration and certification skills to space.

We are not racing to space. We’re already there.

Raytheon Australia Space

Certified & Integrated Space Systems

Raytheon Australia is dishing up decades of experience in delivering integrated space systems. This includes providing a proven global space surveillance capability at the Harold. E Holt Naval Communications Station for over 10 years.

In Exmouth, Western Australia we operate and maintain the C-Band Radar and Space Surveillance Telescope for both the Royal Australian Air Force and the U.S. Air Force.

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Raytheon Intelligence & Space's Space Solutions

Space Solutions

From missile warning and intelligence to weather, navigation and beyond, Raytheon Intelligence & Space's end-to-end space solutions deliver mission breakthroughs.

Our ability to create and enhance space systems that incorporate transformative, next-generation technologies keeps our customers ahead of the threat. And by integrating commercial and open-source tech into our solutions, we’re making the space domain more accessible – and affordable – than ever.

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delivering community support

Raytheon Australia is committed to delivering support to our communities, our customer and our employees.

Through ongoing investment in the Exmouth community, we are providing STEM education opportunities including the establishment of a school-based traineeship program, with the Exmouth District High School and Geraldton TAFE. Raytheon Australia also sponsors academic achiever awards at EDHS.

In the local community, we work closely with groups such as Sea Rescue.

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Optus Primes for an All Australian Defence Program Tender with Raytheon Australia and Thales Australia

Optus will lead a joint bid with Raytheon Australia and Thales Australia for the JP9102 Australia Defence Communication System program – delivering the next generation of satellite technology to the Australian Defence Force.

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