Future Frigate

Mission: Delivering a whole of life integration solution for Navy

Australia’s Future Frigate program will see a fleet of new warships constructed in Adelaide from 2020 to replace the ANZAC-class frigates. These multi-role ships will operate across the full range of maritime operations and require complex and sophisticated integration work to underpin their lethality and effectiveness at sea.

Raytheon Australia has a trained and proven 500 strong naval combat systems integration workforce ready to support the Future Frigate program.

Raytheon Australia is focused on meeting the nation’s combat system requirements for surface ships now and in the future. We are committed to growing an Australian sovereign capability that can operate, sustain and maintain Navy’s future fleet.

We want to deliver the very best whole of life integration solution for Navy. In recent months, a Raytheon Australia led team delivered the Hobart Class Command Team Trainer to the Navy. The trainer is a shore-based training and support system for the new Air Warfare Destroyers.

The Future Frigate will include a mission system that provides Australia with the technological edge in our region. It will have capabilities to both counter the threats of the future and provide offensive fires. The Future Frigates will be fitted with the CEA Phased-Array radar. Along with the Air Warfare Destroyer currently being built, the Future Frigates will be a core element of the Royal Australian Navy’s surface combatant fleet

Implementation of a common mission systems architecture across the surface combatant fleet will be crucial to ensuring reduced risk during acquisition as well as deliver improved interoperability, operational flexibility, and reduced demands on the Navy workforce and minimised through life costs.

The skills and experience developed throughout the AWD program will deliver real benefits to future complex naval programs in Australia and can leverage the significant investment made in the AWD program and its reform.