Electronic Warfare Training

Australia’s future defence force will require an increasing demand for advanced electronic warfare training capability. Raytheon Australia’s ability to supply proven, airborne Electronic Warfare Training Services (EWTS) complements our existing portfolio of land, sea, support and sustainment solutions utilised by the Australian Defence Force to achieve mission success.

Our sixteen year relationship with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in the provision of electronic warfare training and simulation services attests to the strength of Raytheon’s trusted partnership with the ADF. Enabling this partnership are two Raytheon owned and operated Lear 35A jet aircraft, fitted out with advanced electronic warfare systems. In the last two years, Raytheon Australia and the Commonwealth have jointly invested more than $5 million to significantly upgrade EWTS capabilities. For more than a decade this capability has developed to be the most sophisticated EWTS platform in the world. Raytheon’s EW mission system has been designed and built for expansion and upgrade, catering for training against emerging next generation threats.

Since 2001, we have recorded over 2500 successful national and international missions, and over 5500 flying hours involving EW system training, test, experimentation and evaluation trials, radar jamming and deception, communications denial and deception and radar threat simulation, just a sample of the services provided through this capability.

Through reach back to Raytheon Company, Raytheon Australia has access to advanced US technology which is available through Australia’s strong alliance with the United States. This enables interoperability with our allies, ensuring Australia’s EWTS capability remains leading edge and able to deliver real-world and realistic simulated adversarial EW test and training services.