Invested in Australia

Invested in Australia

20 Years of Building Sovereign Defence Capability

From our humble beginnings 20 years ago, Raytheon Australia is the product of two decades of investment, experience and commitment delivered in Australia by Australians.

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Invested in Trusted Partnerships

Invested in Trusted Partnerships

At Raytheon Australia, we encourage collaboration with our Defence and industry partners through employee participation in secondments and exchanges.

In the last 20 years we have sponsored and participated in numerous exchanges of personnel with the Defence Material Organisation and Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group. These exchanges strengthen the understanding of both industry and defence and reinforce the trusted partnership that underpins industry as a fundamental input to capability.

We provide ongoing support to Defence’s Business Acumen training, and our employees have undertaken secondments with the Australian Defence College to provide industry perspectives on strategic defence programs.

We proactively embed Australian Defence Force personnel in our programs through secondments with Army and the RAN. Working directly within our teams, ADF personnel are able to impart their knowledge of military leadership styles, while gaining a deeper understanding of our business.

Our industry collaboration reaches across the globe, with employees undertaking exchanges with international partners, including Norway’s KONGSBERG, and Ultra and K-Tech in the U.S. These allow our teams to share first-hand experience of how both organisations work and assist our partners in achieving ADF requirements, while strengthening our professional partnerships.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in trusted partnerships is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Research and Development

Invested in Research and Development

Raytheon Australia has invested more than $100 million over the past 20 years to support research and development activities across our nation’s defence industry, with an aim to strengthen collaboration on future defence technologies.

Partnering with Defence Science Technology (DST) in 2002, we established a strategic R&D alliance for advanced missiles and hypersonics, combat systems, cyber and electronic warfare.

Further cementing this partnership, in 2008, we signed a Co-operative Research and Development Agreement to evaluate leading-edge intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

Today, we are working with DST on high-speed weapon development, and electronic surveillance and attack, which combines highly advanced and flexible devices with DST’s deep technique know-how. This ongoing partnership promotes mutually beneficial collaborative research on matters of strategic significance for defence capability development.

With a strong culture of innovation, we have also joined with Australian universities, industry bodies and select small and medium enterprises to research and develop innovative products.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in research and development is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Sovereign Skills Transfer

Invested in Sovereign Skills Transfer

The provisional acceptance of Australia’s most capable warship, HMAS Hobart in 2017, aligned with another milestone event for Raytheon Australia – surpassing 10 million hours of complex combat system integration – a first for the defence industry in Australia.

Through the development of our Australian workforce, in partnership with our established processes, tools and capabilities, we have been able to transfer our knowledge of combat system architecture, design, integration and testing to Australia’s future defence programs.

One such program is Land 19 Phase 7B. Our people have successfully transferred combat system integration experience gained on the Collins Class submarines and Air Warfare Destroyers to the Land 19 Phase 7B program, allowing us to deliver an enhanced National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System to the Australian Army, and assuring our role as a trusted partner to the Australian Defence Force.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in sovereign skills transfer is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in the Communities Where We Live and Work

Invested in the Communities Where We Live and Work

Over the past 20 years, Raytheon Australia has committed to supporting our local communities, youth and veterans.

We are invested in developing our nation’s future leaders through an ongoing commitment to STEM, as well as defence and community initiatives. This includes educational programs for young Australians, such as scholarship opportunities, university partnerships and internships.

We deliver education and career opportunities for Australian youth, including our partnership with the local high school in Exmouth, Western Australia. We offer school-based traineeships, allowing students to gain a technical certification whilst investigating pathways into the defence and space industry.

In 2016, Raytheon Australia first signed the Soldier On Employment Pledge. This guarantees former military personnel and their spouses an interview if they meet selection criteria.

In line with our commitment to veterans’ support, we established the nation’s first industry-led Veteran Careers Translator, resulting in thousands of engagements from former serving personnel.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in the communities where we live and work is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Australia’s Most Capable Warships

Invested in Australia’s Most Capable Warships

The Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) program delivered three world-class guided missile destroyers (DDGs) to the Royal Australian Navy. Raytheon Australia, ASC and the Commonwealth of Australia partnered on the project to form the AWD Alliance.

In 2017, the AWD Alliance successfully completed sea trials for HMAS Hobart, signifying the first time the ship’s platform and combat systems were tested together as a complete mission system.

During these first-of-class trials, Raytheon Australia successfully completed integration and test of all 10 major subsystems, highlighting our strength of expertise in combat systems integration, delivering on budget and on schedule.

Subsequent successful sea trials were conducted for sister ships, HMAS Brisbane and HMAS Sydney. All three DDGs are now in operational service with the RAN and are considered Australia’s most formidable warships.
With the combat system at the heart of the DDGs’ lethality, it is a critical deterrent force in the defence of Australia.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in Australia’s most capable warships is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in World Leading Force Protection

Invested in World Leading Force Protection

In June 2019, Raytheon Australia commenced the LAND 19 Phase 7B program, laying the foundation for the Australian Government’s investment to deliver an enhanced National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System, or NASAMS, for the Australian Army.

With industry partners, Raytheon Australia is developing the nation’s new Short-Range Ground-Based Air Defence capability. This cutting-edge technology will enable Army to quickly detect, engage and destroy aircraft, and missile threats beyond visual range.

As prime and system integrator for the program, Raytheon Australia is bringing together key components to form the Australian NASAMS solution and delivering this exciting capability to Army.

The company has established and led the program through the requirements definition, preliminary design and detailed design phases. Through the establishment of collaborative relationships with partners and stakeholders, Raytheon Australia is successfully delivering all program milestones on schedule.

The project is another step toward delivering a truly integrated joint battlespace for the Australian Defence Force.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in world leading force protection is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Visualisation Technology

Invested in Visualisation Technology

In 2017, Raytheon Australia opened its next generation Customer Engagement Centre in Canberra, featuring a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) that uses virtual reality technology within a 320-degree array of 72 large video screens. Stereoscopic projection and 3-D graphics allow users to create realistic prototypes in an immersive environment so teams can visualise and interact with life-size designs well before production begins.

The innovative CAVE allows us to engage with interstate teams and industry partners using a smaller portable version of the CAVE, and virtually link with similar facilities in the United States, allowing real-time local and international collaboration.

Leveraging visualisation technology, we have developed a network of system integrated labs nationally to support the virtual design and development of sovereign high-tech capability programs including Woomera Range remediation, ground-based missile defence and Hobart Class Guided Missile Destroyers

This world-class network of labs supports the virtual design, development and demonstration of our high-tech integrated air and missile defence capability for the Australian Defence Force.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in visualisation technology is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Local Expertise

Invested in Local Expertise

As Australia’s largest and most capable submarine combat system integrator, we have established our self as a trusted partner of the Royal Australian Navy on the Collins Class submarine program.

We have invested in combat system design and sustainment facilities, with a dedicated workforce in Perth, supported by teams in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney.

Through co-located operations with the RAN, we have formed partnerships built on trust and proven performance, allowing our team to proactively mitigate issues, facilitating significant and innovative cost savings.

In addition to upgrading the Collins combat system, we are engaged across multiple areas of the program. In 2015, we were awarded the contract for the design, delivery and installation of the Collins Class modernised communications systems. Furthermore, in 2018 we were named as prime contractor for the Collins sonar capability upgrade, which is key to extending our Australia’s submarines’ regional superiority.

Having been a part of the Collins program for 20 years, we recognise the considerable in-country capability that exists today and are committed to constantly develop that asset.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in local expertise is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Advanced Test & Training

Invested in Advanced Test & Training

Since 2006, Raytheon Australia has been an integral part of the RAAF Air Combat Training continuum. With the early delivery of the first of three F/A-18 Classic Hornet mission simulators, our team of engineers and technicians have provided critical pilot training in a safe, highly realistic, tactical environment.

In 2010, we expanded our portfolio, providing F/A-18F Super Hornet Training services, incorporating high-fidelity tactical operational flight trainers, low-cost trainers, integrated visual maintenance trainers and computer-based training systems, further enhancing these with the arrival of EA-18G Growler in 2016.

Adding to the complexities of 5th Gen warfare, we support and operate the ground-based Mobile Threat Training Emitter System, integrating authentic, simulated threat systems that allow aircrews to demonstrate their skills in the highly complex electronic warfare spectrum.

These capabilities deliver live and virtual training environments to support the Australian Defence Force in major exercises, including Diamond Storm and Pitch Black, providing complex threat training to enable the next generation of ADF personnel.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in advanced test and training is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Space

Invested in Space

In 2003, Raytheon Australia began seven successful years as the operations and maintenance contractor at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC). Working at one of just three stations that comprised NASA’s Deep Space Network, our CDSCC team provided Australian communications and launch support for missions such as the Mars Exploration Rovers, the Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan, and the New Horizons mission to Pluto. The team also provided world-class education, and outreach to schools and the general public through the Canberra Space Centre.

Today, Raytheon Australia is working at Harold E. Holt Naval Communications Station in Exmouth, Western Australia, providing a space surveillance capability for the Royal Australian Air Force and U.S. Air Force. Operations and maintenance support are provided for the new C-Band Radar, the first dedicated southern hemisphere low-earth orbit sensor in the AUS/US Space Surveillance Network – a worldwide network of telescopes and radars that detect, track, identify and catalogue man-made objects in space.

Raytheon Australia also supports the Exmouth-based Space Surveillance Telescope, a 360-degree telescope that tracks and identifies objects and threats in space, predicting and avoiding potential collisions.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in space is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Engineering

Invested in Engineering

Raytheon Australia’s diverse engineering team is made up of more than 700 engineers and technicians – from newly-minted graduates, to senior company leaders – with demonstrated engineering capability spanning across all domains.

To honour the achievements of our engineers, the Raytheon Technologies’ Engineering Fellows Program was established globally. Designed to encourage professional development and provide recognition, the program consists of two levels, engineering fellow and principal engineering fellow.

Raytheon Australia engineer, Dr. Mick Edwards was announced as an engineering fellow in 2009, followed by principal engineering fellow in 2016 – a recognition only achieved by four per cent of our engineers globally, and only achieved by one other Raytheon Australia employee to date. Edwards was recognised for his extensive experience as a naval combat system engineer and system architect, and his leadership of technical solutions in programs across multiple domains.

As a leading Australian defence company, we attract some of the nation’s finest engineers to our workforce – bringing innovation and expertise to develop creative solutions for our valued customers.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in engineering is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Unique Testing Capability

Invested in Unique Testing Capability

The Woomera Test Range is the world’s largest overland test range for aircraft, radars and weapons systems and is the only fifth generation military facility of its kind, outside of the United States. At 129,000 square kilometres, it is slightly smaller than England and is currently in the midst of a technological transformation.

The AIR 3024 Phase 1 program is replacing Woomera’s decades-old test and evaluation equipment, enhancing the range’s ability to test new weapon systems and platforms such as the F-35A Lightning II stealth fighters and next-generation weapons and sensors being integrated into the F/A-18 Super Hornet.

A key feature of this upgrade is our ready for export mobile range integrated suite of communications, optics and telemetry capabilities, which is used extensively by the Australian Defence Force, U.S. military and allied forces.

The AIR 3024 program is an integrated solution creating the world’s largest and most advanced test range, building on Raytheon Australia’s pedigree as the ADF’s system integrator of choice.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in unique testing capability is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Smart Sustainment

Invested in Smart Sustainment

Over the past 20 years, Raytheon Australia has redefined how the defence industry maintains and extends the life of critical capabilities. It has constructed the processes, tools and expertise necessary to develop a holistic, systems engineering approach to sustainment, resulting in increased capability and availability while reducing life-cycle costs.

Since 1999, we have provided aircraft maintenance support services to the Australian Defence Force. Beginning with the Aircraft Research and Development Unit contract in 1999, and then successfully winning the follow-on competitive tender for the Aerospace Operational Support Group contract in 2009. We successfully delivered two decades of aircraft maintenance, armament support, and electrical and mechanical component manufacture. In the last 10 years alone, we supported over 5,000 sorties, totalling 7,000 flying hours, as well as the design, development, manufacture and delivery of 559 mechanical and electrical manufacturing tasks.

More recently, under the JP 2008 Wideband Support Services Program — a multi-phase satellite communications project — Raytheon Australia is delivering integrated whole-of-life sustainment services worldwide to the Department of Defence’s strategic wideband satellite communications ground infrastructure.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in smart sustainment is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Leadership

Invested in Leadership

High quality, effective leadership is a key aspect of Raytheon Australia’s success.

Over the past two decades, through continuously investing in the leadership development of our people we have created a unique workforce and expertise that sets Raytheon Australia apart from its competitors.

The Raytheon Australia Leadership Continuum program consists of three core elements – the Frontline Leadership Program, the Management Excellence Program and the Business Leadership Program. Over 700 employees have taken part in the continuum since 2010 when the program began, creating a pipeline of talented leaders at every level of the organisation.

Beyond investing in our own leaders, Raytheon Australia also invites our SMEs to participate in elements of this unique leadership program.

The outstanding nature of our leadership program saw Raytheon Australia Managing Director Michael Ward being honoured with the Australian Human Resources Champion (CEO) of the Year at the 2019 Australian HR Awards in recognition, in part, because of our unique and original program.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in leadership is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Combat System Integration

Invested in Combat System Integration

In 2007, Raytheon Australia and its Alliance partners, the Commonwealth of Australia and ASC signed the Air Warfare Destroyers Phase III contract signalling the start of the build for three Hobart Class guided missile destroyer ships. One of the biggest Australian defence acquisition projects ever; these formidable ships provide air defence for accompanying ships, land forces and infrastructure in proximate coastal areas and for self-protection against attacking missiles and aircraft.

Raytheon Australia designed, integrated and delivered the most advanced and complex combat system in our nation’s history. This included the integration of 10 major subsystems, including the USN supplied Aegis Weapon System, the Australian Tactical Interface and a range of sensor and weapon systems, with the associated delivery of more than 3,500 major pieces of combat system equipment.

The AWD combat system integration activities represent some of the most advanced engineering accomplishments ever undertaken in Australia and played a significant part of making the Hobart Class DDGs the most capable warships ever operated by the RAN.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in combat system integration is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Submarine Capability

Invested in Submarine Capability

With a partnership spanning two decades, Raytheon Australia has established itself as a trusted partner to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) as the Collins Class Submarine Combat System Integrator.

Our enduring partnership began in 2000, when Raytheon Australia joined with the RAN, Department of Defence, and United States Navy to provide significant advancements through the Combat System Augmentation Program, including an upgrade to the weapons control system, and enhancements to the communications and tactical data handling systems.

Following our successful contribution to the Combat System Augmentation Program, we were selected as the Combat System Integrator for the Collins Replacement Combat System program in 2003.

Throughout our history on the Collins program, we have formed partnerships built on trust and proven performance. Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians remain engaged across various levels of the Collins program; constantly developing the RAN’s assets and delivering on our commitments to the customer.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in submarine capability is creating sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Australian Industry Capability

Invested in Australian Industry Capability

Raytheon Australia understands the vital role that Australian industry including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play in the nation’s defence programs and we have partnered with thousands of local businesses over the past 20 years.

We are committed to maximising Australian Industry Capability and global supply chain opportunities for Australian industry and SMEs. In the past five years we have invested approximately $1.3 billion in Australian industry, creating jobs across 1,100 Australian businesses.

Partnerships with local businesses include our support of export opportunities, enabling $394 million in export contracts for Australian suppliers through Raytheon Technologies’ global supply chain. Our partnership with L3 Micreo, with whom we have collaborated for over 10 years, has provided the business with 70 contracts valued at over $153 million.

Thomas Global Systems, a local SME with whom we have worked for five years, has supported us on the Collins Class submarines and has benefitted from our global supply chain. We have worked with Thomas Global to support $14 million in export contracts and facilitate 67 export opportunities.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in Australian Industry Capability is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in Battlefield Communication

Invested in Battlefield Communication

Introduced into service in 2012, Raytheon Australia’s Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS) extended frequency radio delivers the Australian Army a battlefield communication capability that assures command and control superiority.

As part of a suite of solutions designed to modernise the Australian Army, we delivered a situationally aware radio network, providing the backbone of Army’s vehicle mounted data network.

Through EPLRS, Raytheon Australia allows the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to leverage extensive on-the-move networking capabilities, guaranteeing speed of service in time-critical situations and enabling tactical teams to make quicker, and more accurate decisions in the battlefield.

With more than 16,000 radios fielded internationally, EPLRS provides the largest integrated tactical data network for highly mobile defence forces.

Our team of highly skilled professionals continue to support the ADF through the provision of integrated sustainment services to continuously assure Army’s tactical communications capability now and into the future.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in battlefield communication is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in STEM

Invested in STEM

The commencement of Raytheon Australia’s partnership with Questacon was our first major investment in the ongoing support and encouragement for young Australians to undertake careers in STEM-related fields.

Recognising the importance of investing in the education of Australia’s youth, Raytheon Australia has led numerous transformational STEM and educational initiatives over the last 20 years. We have a commitment to inspiring the next generation to become the innovators of tomorrow, by providing support for the development of numerous STEM career pathways.

Our partnership with Questacon spanned more than a decade and involved sponsorship of the Imagination Factory travelling exhibition, investment in Questacon’s Schmidt digital studio and support for the Engineering is Elementary pilot program.

Since then, our dedication to encourage the next generation of STEM professionals is strengthened through our partnerships with Playford International College, the Australian Youth Aerospace Association, the Australian Academy of Science, and Exmouth High School.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in STEM is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.

Invested in the Shoalhaven

Invested in the Shoalhaven

Raytheon Australia’s history and growth are intimately linked to our longstanding presence in the Shoalhaven, NSW. Starting in 1999, with a workforce of 10 employees to provide logistics and engineering support to the Navy Aviation Systems Program Office on HMAS Albatross, the company’s local footprint and commitment to the local community have grown significantly.

The award of the Electronic Warfare Training Services contract in 2001 marked the increase of our workforce in the Shoalhaven and a long history of contract execution success.

Now, the Joint Adversarial Training & Testing Services (JATTS) program provides jobs for 100 people in the region, who are delivering airborne electronic warfare, aerial opposing force, aerial targets, and training and testing services to the Australian Defence Force.

Looking to the future, Raytheon Australia intends to further strengthen its presence in the Shoalhaven through the JATTS program. Working closely with our sub-contractor Air Affairs Australia, our team of over 100 employees aim to surpass capability expectations and deliver program efficiencies, whilst maintaining our number one commitment; supporting the ADF in their mission.

Raytheon Australia’s continued investment in the Shoalhaven is delivering sovereign capability for Defence.