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If you are required to submit your First Article Inspection reports Raytheon per PO flow down (example: QNote DX) you can register for a free Net-Inspect account at https://www.net-inspect.com

  1. Go to https://www.net-inspect.com Choose "Request an Account"
  2. Complete the information, and choose the applicable Raytheon Business unit as the customer

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Below are links to our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. These are incorporated by reference on each purchase order:

TC-UPDATE: The following updates reflect changes to the U. S. Government acquisition regulations. By this reference, said updates are incorporated in and made an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions (TC) documents identified below.

TC-001: General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

TC-001C: Commercial Terms and Conditions of Purchase — When Seller’s Goods or Services Are Not Connected With a United States Government Contract or Higher-Tier Subcontract

TC-004: International General Terms and Conditions

TC-004C: International Commercial Terms and Conditions — When Seller’s Goods or Services Are Not Connected With a United States Government Contract or Higher-Tier Subcontract

TC-009: Fixed Price Level of Effort Subcontracts

TC-014: Escrow of Seller Intellectual Property

TC-HARDCODE: Standard Hard-Coded Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

IN-009: International Traffic in Arms Regulations Certificate & Reporting of Political Contributions, Fees or Commissions.

IP-011: University Funding Agreement for our Sponsored Research.

IP-006: Addendum to Software Licenses

IP-006 SaaS Version: Addendum to Software as a Service Licenses

PT-001: Property in Possession of Seller

SA-004: Insurance Protection, Indemnification, and Security Requirements.

SA-019: Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Requirements for Purchase Orders and Subcontracts.

SA-021: Data Security Terms.

CR-001: Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Notices and Certification.

CR-002: Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data.

CR-003: Annual Supplier Representations and Certifications.

SecureForms Help Guide: Help Document

CRINT-003: Foreign supplier registration form to support our goods or services for foreign customers on commercial contracts.

CR-006: Assertion of Commerciality

FN-004: Performance-Based Payments Notices and Certification.

This document does not contain technology or technical data controlled under either the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations or the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. E16-447W

Historical Terms & Conditions