Supplier Diversity

Quality Assurance

Raytheon Company is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. Products supporting our core mission require a high fidelity in quality and delivery. Below are a few suggested requirements for potential suppliers seeking to do business with Raytheon.

Cyber Security Requirements

Suppliers must be compliant to DARS 252.204-7012 when supporting DOD contracts and handling Covered Defense Information. Click here for more information.

Quality System Requirements

Suppliers providing hardware components must have certified quality systems. Quality certifications may vary based upon the complexity of the components procured. The standard quality certifications is:

  • AS9100

Raytheon Managed Services Program Insurance Requirements

General Liability:  $1 million per occurrence
Automobile Liability:  $1 million per occurrence
Worker's Compensation:  Statutory Limits
Employer's Liability:  $1 million per occurrence
Professional Liability:  $5 million per occurrence
Umbrella Liability:  $5 million per occurrence

Carrier Insurance Requirements

Suppliers providing distribution logistics and transportation services must be insured and have Quality Requirements: AS9100, ESD S2020 and AS6081 quality certifications.

Regulated Carrier Category Liability Minimum Estimated Number of Carriers Estimated Number of Crashes/Year
For-Hire Interstate General Freight Carriers $750,000 246,260 49,819
For-Hire and Private Carriers of Oil and Certain Types of Hazardous Waste $1,000,000 28,926 28,854
For-Hire and Private Carriers of Other Hazardous Substances $5,000,000 3,111 14,707*
For-Hire Passenger Carriers (Seating Capacity ≤ 15) $1,500,000 2,767 269
For-Hire Passenger Carriers (Seating Capacity > 15) $5,000,000 6,912 3,290
Total   287,976 96,939