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Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity

We are building an inclusive culture

Raytheon strives to provide an inclusive environment and opportunities for small, minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned (including service disabled veterans), lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)-owned, disability-owned, and HUBZone businesses.

Raytheon also seeks to provide an inclusive environment for historically black colleges, universities, and minority institutions to participate in the procurement of technical, engineering, and research services.

To that end, Raytheon is committed to a diverse supply base that reflects the demographics and values of our Company, customers, and the communities in which we operate.


Raytheon is an industry leader in working with small businesses to bring innovative technologies and solutions to federal programs. Led by Engineering and in collaboration with Supply Chain, Raytheon partners with small businesses both through awarding subcontracts and through federally funded programs such as Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) and Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF).

Avenues for collaboration:

Small Business Technology Contacts

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Potential Supplier Registration

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Raytheon. Raytheon strives to provide the maximum practical opportunity for small, disadvantaged, HUBZone, woman-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned, and other diverse businesses as we evaluate potential providers of goods and services.

Our on-line supplier registration process helps us to better identify and engage Diverse Suppliers when subcontracting opportunities occur. In order for your company to be considered as a potential supplier, please click the REGISTER NOW link. You will be automatically notified upon successful completion of the registration process.

Raytheon procurement groups and buyers will have the ability to go on-line and evaluate your company for potential business opportunities. Again, we thank you for your interest in Raytheon. We recommend that you spend some time on our website: www.raytheon.com, to get familiar with the various businesses within our company.

If you have any further questions about doing business with Raytheon, please feel free to contact one of our Supplier Diversity Advocates or email us at SupplierDiversity@Raytheon.com.

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Supplier Diversity E-Learning Portal

Welcome to Raytheon's Supplier Diversity E-Learning Portal

This site will evolve to become a source of Learning for Raytheon's Diverse Supplier Community and others that visit our website.

Our initial offerings are presentations that have been given around the country, providing insight into doing business with Raytheon, among other subjects. We hope that you find this information to be useful in the growth and development of your business.


  • Audio/Video Files
  • Raytheon is a participant in the Department of Defense pilot Mentor-Protégé program. This program is designed to provide small disadvantaged businesses with technical and developmental assistance from large businesses. The cost of the developmental assistance is reimbursed by the Department of Defense.
  • Raytheon Presentations
  • Technical Packages
  • Training


  1. Now that I have registered, what happens next?

    Raytheon employees will access this system to search for sources when new requirements arise. Based on a keyword search your company profile may be accessed and reviewed. Please ensure that your profile includes all of your company's capabilities. You should visit the site periodically to update your profile.

  2. Does my company need to be certified to do business with Raytheon?

    As a prime contractor to the U.S. Government, Raytheon complies with the U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) certification guidelines.

    If you are a small, disadvantaged business or a small business located in a HUB-Zone, you must be certified through the SBA in order for Raytheon to demonstrate compliance with federal acquisition regulations regarding contracting with small businesses.

    If you are a small business, woman-owned small business, veteran-owned or service disabled veteran-owned small business, you can self-certify as to your business size.

    Raytheon relies on the PRO-Net/Central Contractor Registration (CCR) for business size verification, therefore it is recommended that all small businesses register on the CCR website.

    Raytheon also recommends minority-owned businesses obtain certification through their local councils of the National Minority Supplier Development Council and women-owned businesses obtain certification through one of the local Women Business Enterprise Council affiliations.

  3. How can I find out whether I qualify as a small business?

    The Small Business Administration's Table of Small Business Size Standards define whether a business entity is small. For information on size standards, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration "Office of Size Standards" website.

  4. What do I do if I need to speak to someone at Raytheon?

    Please click on the link to access the listing of Supplier Diversity Program Contacts or email us at SupplierDiversity@Raytheon.com.

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Technology Contacts


Contacting us is easy and we want to hear from you! What to provide and where to provide it are below.


Providing the following information will aid in our ability to identify the best technical contact:

  • Name and location of business
  • Point of contact – phone number and email
  • Areas of expertise
  • Small business qualifications
  • Raytheon quad chart for a technology of interest
  • Any previous Raytheon points of contact


Raytheon has four business units. You may find that your expertise fits closet to one of the units. If so, contact that business unit directly at the following:

Select the Business Unit that you would like to contact:

Send email

Not certain? Use the link below and we will find the best fit:

Raytheon Business Units

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