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Sourcing Customer Success

Mission: Affordable Quality Solutions On-time, Every Time.

It Starts With the Customer

At Raytheon, everything starts with the customer. We strive to solve their toughest challenges in an environment with little room for error. Our vision reflects that focus: we are one global team creating trusted, innovative solutions to make the world a safer place.

  • We are one global team, across our company and with our suppliers and partners because innovation comes from a diversity of thought and ability
  • We provide trusted, innovative solutions that work first-time, every time because our customers are focused on the mission and their lives are depending on our technology
  • We make the world a safer place by delivering affordable products to customers who face existential threats with limited budgets

Strategic Sourcing is What We Do; ESPX is How We Do It

Sourcing at Raytheon has undergone a seismic shift in recent years as we explore and adopt new strategies for helping our customers tackle the geopolitical and budgetary challenges they face. That includes holding ourselves accountable for delivering the solutions we promised, at the price we promised, when we promised.

We are meeting these challenges by embracing strategic sourcing. Enterprise Sourcing & Performance Excellence (ESPX) is changing how we design, source, build and deliver the solutions our customers expect and need. ESPX works because it:

  • Ensures sourcing considerations play a role in product design
  • Brings the full weight of our $24B company to every sourcing decision
  • Unites the company, across businesses, functions, and with our suppliers, behind long-term goals for technology development
  • Improves supplier relationships and accountability

ESPX: Higher Performance at Lower Cost; Quality Solutions On-Time; Every Time