Building Relationships

Collaboration. Empowerment. Growth. Join Our Family of High Performing Suppliers.

The Customer of Choice

Our suppliers play a crucial role in the success of our programs — we rely on them for a high level of value-added engineering and assembly, including producing complex sub-assemblies. We want to forge strong, strategic relationships with our critical, high-performing suppliers. That desire fuels our journey to become the customer of choice.

Open communication — We believe an open, honest and forthright exchange of ideas and opportunities is the foundation for collaboration. From developing clear performance metrics to setting a regular cadence for engagement, we're committed to building strong and respectful relationships with our suppliers.

Early engagement — We recognize our suppliers are our best partners for understanding the cost and manufacturability of our products. We want to bring suppliers in during the earliest stages of our customer programs because problem solving skills are improved from a variety of perspectives.

Forward looking technology development — We're looking to solve the hardest, most unimaginable technological challenges. That requires vision and investment. And sharing that long-term vision with our suppliers is what fuels future success.

Rewarding Excellence — Across our supply base, there are countless men and women who take affordability, quality, performance and partnership as seriously as we do. We want to seek out and reward those suppliers.

The Supplier Excellence Program

A facet of strategic sourcing programs, the Supplier Excellence Program:

  • Identifies mission critical suppliers for better engagement and communication
  • Provides quantitative and qualitative measurement of supplier performance
  • Recognizes and rewards top performers who contribute to our business success

Our Enterprise Supplier Advisory Council (ESAC)


The ESAC includes a diverse group of supply chain executives that meets several times a year to collaborate on high-impact supply chain solutions that support mutual growth and advocacy.

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