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Life Sciences


This life sciences industry continues to establish a blueprint for transformation to deliver improved healthcare affordability, choice and predictability. With each new transformative milestone, the commitment to understand your customers’ needs and to work together to help them achieve healthier, more secure lives remains more important than ever.

RPS’ brand promise to ‘Understand First’ places our customers at the core of our organization. It’s not just about what we do, but it’s about how we deliver. We bring the right technologies, skills, learning processes, tools and forward-thinking required to support mission-critical enterprise solutions that enable the speed, security, quality and overall efficacy of services provided.

We have been successfully supporting the life science industry for nearly two decades. Our experience and strong culture of collaboration when working with our customers are key differentiators. This focus enables us to bring best-practice processes, technology and expertise to deliver forward-looking, scalable and cost-effective solutions.

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Content Development:

Within the Life Sciences industry, RPS understands the criticality of providing learner-centric training that decreases the dependency on human educators and reduces the training time required to become proficient. Our development teams deploy modern innovative learning modalities, that drive learner engagement and supports better talent retention. Our training solutions combine self-paced and facilitated learning components that leverage innovative learning modalities. The result is on-the-job performance support tools, increased learner engagement, decreased time to independence, and emphasized practical application.

Learning Administration:

RPS’ global Learning Administration capability is robust, time-tested and customer-proven, and offers our customers the ability to transform their organizational Learning Administration functions to drive greater service efficiency, effectiveness and scale. Our approach leverages world-class processes and systems, while tailoring service levels to meet the degree of “high-touch” and/or regulatory and compliance services required by your organization. Our team provides services from our Shared Service Centers using a blend of offshore/near-shore and on-site resources. Services are tailorable and scalable to assure consistency for direct learning initiatives, as well as management and/or learner interactions.

Learning Vision and Strategy:

RPS’ Learning Strategists collaborate with your team to explore and identify ways to align learning to the business, increase agility to respond to changing organizational requirements and focus on learner centricity to increase workforce speed-to-performance. Our skilled facilitators guide teams in the identification of specific interventions to move the organization toward each milestone with defined metrics. Through expert facilitation and activities, the team explores the “art of the possible” by reframing obstacles as a question, “how can we?”

Optimal Learning Blend:

In support of a learner’s path to mastery, we leverage a variety learning of media to ensure continued engagement, while also building upon career experiences. As an employee progresses through their career, we recognize the importance of delivering learning that understands and respects each learner’s knowledge and level of experience yet ensures that the learning is completed and validated.

Employee Health, Safety & Wellness Awards
Health and safety training include materials relating to precautionary procedures and parameters for safety and wellness on the job. In addition to training content to mitigate risk, health and safety programs often include a component relating to overall employee wellness topics – such as sleep, exercise, mindfulness and meditation. Health and safety and compliance training provide safety and regulatory compliance training content, courses and programs, and instruction for corporate learning and development.

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Compliance & Regulatory Training
Our learning administrators possess vast experience in supporting high compliance environments and the complexities of ensuring learning and industry certifications are monitored and managed correctly.

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What is Training DNA?
As we look across the broader learning market, and the work to turn rapid improvisations into lasting change, we can see a common thread. Read our blog to discover how you can improve organizational and employee performance.

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At the heart of our business is our emphasis on putting our customers first and strong culture of collaboration to deliver outcomes that matter and build relationships that last.

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