Raytheon has created a comprehensive Total Rewards program designed to meet the diverse needs of our multigenerational global workforce. This program creates value for Raytheon by enabling us to attract, motivate and retain the market’s best talent, and by helping our people to be their best both at work and at home, giving their best efforts to support customers. Total Rewards creates value for employees and families by providing them the pay and benefits programs and flexibility they value.

  • Competitive compensation programs (base pay, bonus programs and equity programs)
  • Rewards and recognition programs (achievement awards, spot awards, service awards and various other professional awards programs)
  • 401(K) program, RISP plan, and various legacy defined benefits pension plans
  • Paid time off, holidays, 9/80 work weeks, and flexible work arrangements
  • Comprehensive health and welfare benefits (health, dental, vision, life, AD&D, and coverage in areas like fertility and applied behavior analysis)
  • Paid parental leave for mothers, fathers and adoptive parents
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • On-site health centers, online wellness portal and rewards-based wellness program
  • Education assistance
  • Backup care for children, adults and elders


Beginning January 2018, all Raytheon-sponsored medical plans cover applied behavior analysis therapy related to autism spectrum disorder.

Our health benefits include comprehensive programs, services and resources that address the health needs of our employees and their families and promote a culture of well-being. We also sponsor a variety of employee programs. These include a rewards-based, digital wellness program and a work/life resource and referral program that offers counseling and learning programs, plus parental leave and emergency backup care for children and adults.

Our goal is to help ensure that our employees stay physically and emotionally healthy and to provide programs and services that support our employees from “hire to retire.” We encourage all employees and their families to cultivate physical health, mental and emotional agility, personal finance acumen and stability — at home, in their communities and in their personal lives. They can access immediate, on-the-job and at-home help to support their short- and long-term medical and well-being needs, including wellness, work/life balance and employee assistance programs. This balance makes our people more productive, resilient and better able to meet workplace demands.

Each year we review our programs and services and research new technology and best practices to enhance the Total Rewards program. This proactive approach ensures that our Total Rewards program responds to demographic shifts and helps employees work at their full potential. This enables us to address our employees’ needs throughout their career life cycles, increases the number of members who engage in our wellness program and keeps our new and returning participants highly engaged. In 2018, 49.4 percent of eligible employees — 28,848 — enrolled in our LiveWell wellness reward program, an increase of 4 percent since 2017.

In 2016, Raytheon became one of the first in our industry to offer paid parental leave. Available to all eligible female and male employees having or adopting a child, our parental leave benefit provides three paid weeks of leave, separate from paid maternity leave or benefits under the Family and Medical Leave Act. In 2017, we removed the preexisting condition limitation on disability benefits for newly hired employees who are pregnant or become pregnant during their new hire enrollment period. We also added 10 days of backup care for new parents, adding to the 20 days that are available to all employees. This benefit can help employees transition back to work after leave, as well as secure reliable home care when a child is ill and cannot attend regular day care. These programs, which are becoming increasingly popular with employees, help us continue to attract and retain the employees we need to grow and better compete in the global marketplace.

In 2018, Raytheon was pleased to announce some important enhancements to our Total Rewards program for employees. Beginning January 2018, all Raytheon-sponsored medical plans cover applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy related to autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, ABA therapy claims for eligible services received from qualified providers on or after January 1, 2016, were retroactively reimbursed up until June 30, 2018.

Raytheon is planning to meet the changing needs of our workforce. As our international workforce increases, we’re examining regulatory requirements and market practices in several growth countries to find new health solutions for expatriates, local nationals and third-country nationals. We continue to expand our knowledge of global health care offerings and potential local partners to help our deployed employees and families to access quality medical services and providers and to manage complex medical cases in-country. In 2018, our health center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, received 2,480 visits from expatriates and local nationals, of which close to 40 percent were for monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar.

In 2018, over 21,000 employees engaged in close to 99,000 encounters with our clinics, compared to just over 88,000 in 2017.

Global Health Resources managed 83 international medical cases in 2018 and continues to work with our benefits team to ensure access to quality medical care and emergency response wherever our employees live and work.

Our Health and Wellness team makes it a priority to promote our program’s various features across our large, dispersed and diverse workforce. In addition to the team, Raytheon has a cohort of Wellness leads (over 50) and Wellness Champions (over 25) that bring the LiveWell message to employees across the enterprise. We strive to make them aware of available resources both beforehand and at the time of need by sending targeted messages and hosting town hall meetings along with our vendors. In 2018, we also redesigned our Global Health Resources webpage to make it easier to navigate and place orders for services.

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Raytheon’s award-winning LiveWell program gives employees the encouragement, incentive, support and resources to lead healthy lifestyles.



Raytheon’s clinical teams are specially trained to identify and address emerging health issues that can endanger employees. For example, one employee visited a clinic for a routine hepatitis vaccine and ended up in the hospital for seven days after a physician determined that the employee was experiencing atrial fibrillation. Another employee received materials for smoking cessation and weight loss, and these materials helped the employee stop smoking, increase physical activity and monitor weight on a weekly basis. Still another employee complaining of headache and leg swelling was referred to a specialist, who discovered a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism — both life-threatening conditions. Outcomes like these contribute to the 98 percent satisfaction rate employees report with the clinical teams.



On average, 12,000 employees access the portal each week.
Raytheon-enrolled employees tracked close to 26.1 billion steps in 2018 — two billion more than in 2017.
In 2018, 34 sites received a Healthy Worksite Award representing more than 45,000 employees, over 80 percent of our domestic population.

Raytheon Health and Wellness includes the following programs and resources:

On-Site Health Centers

Our 23 on-site health centers are staffed by 72 full-time contract employees, including 16 full-time employees who support workers virtually at sites without health centers, when they travel for business and when they’re on global assignment.

Clinical staff consult on work-related injuries and fitness for duty, non-work-related episodic care, medical surveillance and regulatory exams, disability cases and return to work, drug and alcohol testing, and preventive health and wellness programs. In 2018, these centers served more than 21,000 people.

Online Wellness Portal

More than 28,000 employees access fitness and nutrition apps, record daily exercise and nutrition, link to mobile devices and wearables, and track their healthy habits each week. On average, 12,000 employees access the portal each week. Raytheon-enrolled employees tracked close to 26.1 billion steps in 2018 — two billion more than in 2017.

On-Site Exercise Facilities

There are 24 unstaffed exercise facilities available at no charge, day or night.

Rewards-Based Digital Wellness Program

The Virgin Pulse LiveWell program offers all eligible employees and their spouses the opportunity to earn up to $250 each annually by creating custom programs and accumulating points. Employees develop personalized plans that meet specific goals and objectives. In 2018, more than 34,000 employees and spouses were enrolled in the program.

Healthy Worksite Award

Raytheon encourages all sites to apply for the Healthy Worksite Award and for our internal program that measures well-being engagement and practices.

In 2018, 34 sites received a Healthy Worksite Award representing more than 45,000 employees, over 80 percent of our domestic population.



In 2018, 3,075 employees registered for Bright Horizons and reported 3,676 days saved from having to miss work.
Accessing online resources
Online resources are available for various work/life programs

We provide counseling, learning and education assistance programs, convenience services referrals and grief counseling. Raytheon partners with the Life Resources Employee Assistance Program to create a Work/Life program that offers 24/7 assistance to help meet the diverse individual needs of employees based on lifestyle and personal circumstances. In addition to web-based and telephonic support, there are 12 on-site providers covering 21 sites in the United States that provide confidential, comprehensive consultations that help employees and their families manage life’s demands and provide managers with strategies to address workplace behaviors.

We provide backup care for children and adult and elder care for employees and their families through Bright Horizons–trained care consultants. Raytheon offers 20 days each year per employee for each dependent. Available 24/7, Bright Horizons does all the work to find the appropriate backup care needed at home or in a day care facility. In 2018, 3,075 employees registered for Bright Horizons and reported 3,676 days saved from having to miss work. Bright Horizons is enabling young mothers to take their infants on business trips and feel more comfortable applying for new positions that advance their careers.

Raytheon is also partnering with College Coach to assist employees with all aspects of their children’s college selection, application and finance processes. This program — provided at no cost to Raytheon employees — is composed of on-site events with video conference to other locations, in-depth online resources and personalized assistance. Each hour our employees spend with a college coach saves them five hours of their own time, and employees saved a combined 339 hours since the program launched in June 2018. By the end of the year there were 441 registered employees representing 24 states. Of employees surveyed, 100 percent would recommend College Coaching to a coworker and 97 percent indicate that this benefit increases positive feelings about Raytheon. As one employee observed, “When an employer includes benefits for all phases of employee lives, it is a positive thing.”

Flex Time and Flexible Working Arrangements

At Raytheon, many employees work what’s known as a 9/80 schedule, meaning they put in their full time and take every other Friday off. Others work a more standard schedule but can arrange to shift their time around when they need to.

Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility Report This year’s report provides an expansive review of our corporate responsibility content, and highlights our efforts to enrich the lives of people, strengthen our performance, and reduce our footprint on the planet.

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