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The men and women of Raytheon are driven by a singular objective: to make the world a safer place. How we approach this is as critical as the objective itself. Our strength comes from our diverse backgrounds and ideas; our values guide how we work together as one global team to support our inclusive culture.



We’re at our best when different perspectives and experiences energize our environment and fuel our passion for innovation. To meet the challenges we face — and develop the innovative solutions our global customers depend on — we need an environment where everyone feels included and can find purpose, thrive and succeed.

  • We work every day to foster an inclusive environment
  • We treat people with dignity and respect and value the role each of us plays in our success
  • We lead by example, engage our employees on why diversity is a business imperative and never stop looking around the bend because we believe diversity and inclusion is a journey
  • We nurture and partner with our small and diverse suppliers because we know that we’re stronger together

In 2018, we expanded this commitment through a number of initiatives. We used crowdsourcing to uncover new ideas for how we can strengthen our diversity and inclusion programs at Raytheon. We held regional women’s forums to engage employees in honest, productive dialogue about the challenges faced by women in the workplace, and to identify specific actions to address those challenges. We advanced Diversity 2020, an employee engagement campaign backed by Raytheon’s senior leadership team. And we continued to broaden representation of women and people of color, especially in leadership positions.



Raytheon’s commitment to diversity and inclusion starts at the top, with an actively engaged leadership team that’s spearheading a strategic, multiyear plan to improve diversity and inclusion. The plan incorporates researched, process- and culture-focused efforts to cultivate a richly diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our ability to move these efforts forward relies on a common understanding of why creating a diverse and inclusive environment is a business imperative and why these specific efforts, at this moment in time, help Raytheon fulfill that imperative. We know it takes time to foster that common understanding, which is why we will continue to provide information and create opportunities for dialogue as our efforts (and the Diversity 2020 Initiative) progress.

Randa NewsomeVice President of Human Resources and Global Security

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Our strategy focuses on nurturing an inclusive environment that honors our differences, developing these differences to drive growth and ensuring that our workforce reflects the customers and communities we serve. It affects how we source candidates for employment, how we identify and develop high performers, how we evaluate employee contributions to the company and how we are driving leader responsibility and accountability.

In 2018, Raytheon Chairman and CEO Thomas A. Kennedy took a personal stand against gender discrimination when he urged Raytheon employees to support a state ballot measure reaffirming a Massachusetts law that extended anti-discrimination protections to transgender individuals. In a letter to employees, he stated that “discrimination against specific segments of our population or acting in violence against others never strengthened the U.S. in the past, and it won’t do so now. It runs counter to what America stands for.”

Over the past several years, Raytheon has focused on board refreshment and diversity to ensure it has the backgrounds, experiences and skills necessary to support the company’s success. In 2018, Raytheon’s board of directors elected Ellen Pawlikowski, Adriane M. Brown and Marta R. Stewart to our board of directors, raising the number of female directors to five. All five were named to WomanInc. magazine’s list of 2018 Most Influential Corporate Directors. Recent studies have shown that companies with gender-diverse boards are more likely to outperform in areas like financial growth.

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Each year, Raytheon senior systems engineer Alan Yoshida travels southeast from Aurora, Colorado, to Camp Amache, site of the Granada War Relocation Center during World War II.



We foster an inclusive and culturally competent workplace that embraces all our differences as opportunities to expand global growth, build competitive advantage and drive collaboration. We’ve achieved these objectives by embedding diversity content into our education and development programs to evolve our collective thinking about how a diversity of ideas requires a diversity of thinkers. Additionally, we give current and future leaders the exposure and experience they need to cultivate a global and inclusive mindset.

As we engage our global customers, we strive to understand what diversity means within different cultures and how we can most effectively harness and integrate diverse ways of thinking.

We develop focused learning initiatives to ensure that our global workforce accurately understands and represents the markets where we operate.

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Photo of Photo of Female Raytheon Engineer


Employee Resource Groups

Raytheon’s ERGs represent more than 22,000 employees from 19 countries.

Raytheon’s employee resource groups have been an integral part of our diversity and inclusion journey — and a key to maintaining a richly diverse talent base. Our ERGs have attracted members from 19 countries, in part because they provide cross-business networks that lead and contribute to projects at Raytheon and in the communities where we do business.

We gave ERGs a new charter and structure that tightly align them with our strategies and priorities. Their cross-business networks and commitment to making Raytheon a more inclusive workplace for everyone are invaluable. From tapping into professional networks that serve women and people of color to supporting the development of all Raytheon employees, ERGs are indispensable to the long-term vitality of our workforce and business.

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In 2018, members of the Raytheon Black Employees Network (RAYBEN) held a summit to celebrate 35 years of the ERG’s commitment to diversity at Raytheon.


Women’s Forum

In 2018, we hosted two Women’s Regional Summits, where female and male leaders gathered in Los Angeles and Waltham, Massachusetts, to advance gender equality. Participants gained a greater understanding of the varying perspectives of women and men in the workplace. They considered the cultural barriers and enablers that impact how women and people of color advance and develop — and committed to breaking down these barriers. And they took advantage of individualized coaching and targeted learning sessions that supported meaningful development plans. Participants also engaged with Raytheon’s new “Learn, Apply, Share” framework for how to solve problems now and in the future.

Photo of Thomas A. Kennedy been honored


In 2018, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) honored Raytheon Chairman and CEO Thomas A. Kennedy for his efforts to mentor women, improve gender equity and implement policies that encourage workplace diversity and inclusion.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a pervasive type of discrimination that affects individuals across all industries. Advancements have been made in anti-harassment policy and education over the decades, but the significant number of recently reported incidents across different industries illustrates that we are still far from a world in which individuals feel safe and empowered.

At Raytheon, we strive to ensure a high-integrity and retaliation-free environment and to strengthen employee advocacy. Every employee is required to review and acknowledge Raytheon’s code of conduct, which states that “employees are expected to treat fellow employees, customers and business partners with respect and dignity.” Respecting others is not only the right thing to do, but it also helps our business by creating an environment that fosters productivity, collaboration and innovation.

  • What sexual harassment is
  • How to report sexual harassment
  • The employee’s role in preventing sexual harassment

Managers have a special obligation to encourage an open work environment and culture where employees are treated respectfully and can raise issues or concerns without fear of retaliation. This includes responding promptly and appropriately to any allegations of reported harassment.

Together we ensure not only a legally compliant workplace, but also an environment where all employees can thrive, succeed and contribute to their fullest potential.

Raytheon was proud to embrace Massachusetts’ initial law that extended anti-discrimination protections to our transgender colleagues, and we reaffirm that commitment.

Thomas A. KennedyRaytheon Chairman and CEO

LGBT Support

Raytheon also expresses our commitment to diversity and inclusion through our support of employees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allies. We achieved a perfect rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2018 Corporate Equality Index for the fourteenth consecutive year. The Corporate Equality Index is the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. We were the first company in our sector to achieve a perfect rating on this index.

Chairman and CEO Thomas A. Kennedy voiced his support of the LGBT community when he reached out to Raytheon employees before Election Day in the U.S. He expressed his support for a ballot measure in Massachusetts asking whether state anti-discrimination laws should continue to protect transgender individuals. He joined more than 200 local companies in support of the state’s initial law that extended anti-discrimination protections to transgender citizens. This issue directly affects Raytheon’s business interests, company values and employees’ welfare.

Sign on Ally Wall


In 2017, our GLBTA employee resource group promoted awareness and support by circulating an Ally Wall for Raytheon leaders and employees to sign.



Since 2015, we’ve tripled our number of women-owned small business protégés.
In 2018, we increased our small business supply base by 5 percent over the previous year.

At Raytheon, supplier diversity is something we own and embrace. Each day, we challenge ourselves to become more inclusive — and to do our everyday jobs in ways that reflect our company’s values. We follow a deliberate diversity strategy that combines an acute focus on the specific solutions suppliers provide with a stratified approach to use companies of various sizes. This strategy drives innovation, agility and competitiveness within our supply chain and allows us to deliver the innovative solutions our global customers depend on.

We continue to mentor and develop small and diverse businesses to ensure mutual success. Raytheon is a long-standing participant in the Department of Defense’s Mentor-Protégé program established by Congress in 1991 to help develop viable, small business participation in the defense industry. Since 2015, we’ve tripled our number of women-owned small business protégés and in 2018, we received three of the prestigious Department of Defense Nunn-Perry awards, which honor companies demonstrating performance excellence in mentoring small businesses. One such small business protégé is Englander Enterprises, Inc. Manufacturing Services, based in Clearwater, Florida. Englander Enterprises is a women-owned small disadvantaged business and has seen its revenue grow by nearly 60 percent since becoming a Raytheon protégé.

Our strong relationships with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and other advocacy organizations provide a valuable source of new suppliers — and an opportunity to share knowledge, advice and information with prospective partners. Due to our focus on the growth and development of small and diverse businesses, we have increased our spend and our retention of small and diverse businesses year over year. In 2018, we increased our small business supply base by 5 percent over the previous year. These gains were achieved despite our continued strategic efforts to consolidate our supply base.

We are committed to diversity in our workplace and in the selection of our suppliers. Small and diverse suppliers bring different perspectives and core competencies to our partnerships, enabling us to be agile, cost competitive and innovative. Together, we are one global team creating trusted, innovative solutions to make the world a safer place.

M. David WilkinsVice President of Contracts and Supply Chain

M. David Wilkins

Our employees understand the impact that a diverse supply base has on program execution and they often go above and beyond to provide additional support for small and diverse businesses. The annual Supplier Diversity Awards program recognizes cross-functional teams for their significant contributions in maximizing opportunities for small and diverse suppliers. In 2018, we recognized 20 employees for their efforts.

Raytheon received several awards for our advocacy, development and utilization of small and diverse suppliers. In addition to the Department of Defense Nunn-Perry awards, Raytheon was also recognized as one of America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises, earning a “GOLD” award from WBENC. This national award honors companies with leading supplier diversity programs who are sustaining results and creating innovative and best practices that support women business enterprises.

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Raytheon has a vested interest in advancing the capacity, capabilities, innovation and long-term growth of small businesses that contribute to the U.S. manufacturing and defense industrial base.


Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility Report This year’s report provides an expansive review of our corporate responsibility content, and highlights our efforts to enrich the lives of people, strengthen our performance, and reduce our footprint on the planet.

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