Talent: Empowering Our People


Empowering Our People

At Raytheon, we’re at our best when different perspectives and experiences energize our environment and fuel our passion for innovation. We foster an environment where everyone feels included and can find purpose, thrive and succeed.



Our strength comes from our diverse backgrounds and ideas; our values guide how we work together as one global team to support our inclusive culture.

Ally Wall Expresses
Shared Values

In 2018, our RAYPRIDE employee resource group once again promoted awareness and support by circulating an Ally Wall for Raytheon leaders and employees to sign.

Ally Wall Expresses Shared Values

I believe you need diversity and inclusion, especially diversity of thought and diversity of cultures, to foster a culture of innovation. Diversity is a business imperative.

Thomas A. Kennedy
Chairman and CEO


Our focus is to provide fulfilling, meaningful work and the opportunity to contribute to important missions that help make the world a safer place.

In 2018 we recruited more than 2,700 college hires, interns and co-op participants from more than 80 colleges.


Our Inclusive Leader program instructs managers how to lead in a diverse and multicultural workplace.
Photo of Raytheon Facility


Investing in great talent means empowering every employee to develop their own unique, extraordinary career; and we want every Raytheon employee to find purpose, thrive and succeed. We continue to adapt how we attract, develop and motivate people as the talent and demographic landscape changes — and as we expand and diversify as a truly global organization.

We maintain and evolve a rich set of individual development and team development resources to address the needs of our 67,000 employees. These include a development planning framework, a Global Mentoring Program and leadership courses and assessments. Our Inclusive Leader program, instructs managers how to lead in a diverse/multicultural workplace. It heightens their awareness of key concepts related to group identity. And it equips leaders with the skills they need to engage their teams and employees one on one. We are also embedding the Inclusive Leader content into a number of leadership events. Survey results and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive.

We also provide leadership development opportunities for high-potential employees early in their careers, followed by mid-level and executive training programs. For example, employees and managers can use experiential grids to explore roles and to tailor experiences that help them develop on the job. These profiles are an important tool for experiential development, because they define very specifically what experiences people need to cultivate to become candidates for promotion. A year ago, we created experiential grids for 30 roles, including 10 vice president positions who report directly to our senior leadership team. In 2018, we extended our strategy by developing additional grids for a broader segment of our employee population.

Additionally, we’ve improved the way we slate, select and on-board employees and have aligned our development process with diversity-focused goals. And our focus on employee sponsorship and mentorship is helping people build networks and connect with mentors and advocates. In 2018, every member of Raytheon’s senior leadership team served as a sponsor to protégés to build relationships, advocate placements and support talent in key roles. Leadership’s engagement is improving retention and leading to meaningful role changes and promotions across business functions. These are just some of the ways we continue to adapt how we attract, develop and motivate people as the talent and demographic landscape changes — and as we expand and diversify as a truly global organization.

Photo of future workforce


Yasmine Straka was planning to pursue a college degree in the arts until a mechanical engineering internship at a local aerospace company opened her eyes to a new world of opportunity.

Photo of future workforce


During the last year, employees selected for the Raytheon Leadership Development Program (LDP) competed in a multimonth, cross-functional Impact Proposal Competition.

In 2018, employees received an average of 22.66 HOURS of training.
In 2018, over 45,000 employees used Rstars to send more than 110,000 recognitions to each other.
In 2018, Raytheon invested over $52 million in Rstars awards.

Encouraging Self-Driven Learning

Raytheon offers a variety of education and training programs, accessible through an online learning management system. To facilitate self-driven learning, we align these courses with specific competencies. Other modules focus on such functional areas as engineering, contracts, supply chain and sustainability. Additionally, Raytheon’s U.S. Education Assistance program offers tuition reimbursement for a variety of degree and non-degree programs.

In 2018, we revised and enhanced our educational systems program to create broader learning opportunities. Beyond earning graduate degrees, employees can now earn professional certifications and complete online courses that lead to micro master’s degrees. We created a campaign to spread the word and encourage employees to use internal career development resources to define their own paths.

We also redesigned our enterprise career development resources to help employees across all businesses, functions and locations grow and sustain their own extraordinary career at Raytheon. Our new Career Development portal features a six-step career development framework to support self-directed career exploration, planning and development.

We also introduced Experiential Grids — role-specific and foundational — accessible by all employees through our Career Development portal. These grids provide specific experiences needed to be ready for future positions, and they serve as a guide for employees to manage their career choices to close experiential gaps. Guidance and instruction for employees and managers on choosing and using experiences for development are available on the Career Development portal.

Equal Wages for Equal Work

Employees value Raytheon’s long-standing commitment to equal pay for equal work. We conduct regular pay equality audits and are also subject to fair-pay rules that apply to federal contractors.

Recognizing Performance

Raytheon provides a variety of recognition programs to acknowledge employee contributions. Our Rstars program is a global, online platform that gives Raytheon leaders and employees an easy and consistent way to show thanks and appreciation to colleagues in both monetary and non-monetary forms.

In 2018, more than 45,000 employees used Rstars to send more than 110,000 recognitions to each other, with over half of those tied to our company value of collaboration. Additionally, Raytheon invested over $52 million in Rstars awards, including nearly $5 million in Spot awards, over $45 million in Achievement awards and more than $2 million in Service awards globally.

Internal and External Recognition

We keep communication channels open across Raytheon to monitor the heartbeat of our organization. We track workforce sentiment through our employee resource groups, workforce surveys, blogs and social media. Our most recent biennial employee survey revealed that Raytheon once again outperformed the majority of other high-performance companies that benchmark these categories in their employee surveys. On average, Raytheon employees are nearly 20 percent more proud, committed, and optimistic than their peers at other companies. More than 89 percent of respondents said that they are proud to work at Raytheon, and 81 percent would recommend it as a great place to work. In addition, more than 75 percent said that they are optimistic about Raytheon’s future and that they have opportunities to learn new skills to help them succeed.

In 2018, Forbes® ranked Raytheon among the Top 500 Best Employers in America, and we were named among the 100 Best Places to Work in Information Technology by Computerworld® magazine for the 12th consecutive year.

Photo of National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition


Raytheon’s success will depend on cultivating future generations of cyber defenders.



Raytheon’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) allows employees to compete in an Impact Proposal Competition. This year’s winning team, the Millennial Falcons, endured a marathon pitching process and impressed a panel of enterprise senior leaders.

How many employees participated in the Leadership Development Program in 2018?
423 future Raytheon leaders


Raytheon’s comprehensive health programs support our diverse, multigenerational global workforce, promoting physical health and mental agility.

How popular is Raytheon’s Health and Fitness rewards program?
49.4% of employees earned 2018 LiveWell wellness rewards (an increase of 4% since 2017)
How many Raytheon employees embrace our Wellness program?
12,000 employees (on average) access our Online Wellness Portal each week
What steps are employees taking toward better health?
26.1 billion steps in 2018 (two billion more than in 2017) tracked through the Online Wellness Portal


Raytheon’s ultimate goal is nothing short of an injury-free workplace, and we continually implement programs and innovations that promote the safety and wellness of our employees. Our enhanced safety programs have made today’s safety record the best in Raytheon’s history, with injury rates among the lowest in our industry.

How safe is Raytheon’s workplace?
In 2018 we achieved our lowest ever recordable injury rate – 0.45 injuries per hundred employees

Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility Report This year’s report provides an expansive review of our corporate responsibility content, and highlights our efforts to enrich the lives of people, strengthen our performance, and reduce our footprint on the planet.

Corporate Responsibility Report