Water Conservation


Fresh, clean water is a limited natural resource. Even though about 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water, only approximately 1 percent of it is accessible and fit for human consumption. Some parts of the world currently face water shortages, and experts predict that this problem will spread to other areas.

Although Raytheon’s industry is not water-intensive, we’ve made consuming less water a priority. Because energy and water use are connected, lower water consumption also helps us use less energy.

Water Uses

Raytheon uses water in our air conditioning/heating systems, cafeterias, restrooms and for our outdoor irrigation systems. We also use it in such manufacturing processes as parts cleaning, painting, electroplating and wastewater treatment. We strive to measure and quantify water use at each location to understand how and where we use it. This simple process can identify water waste and help us prioritize water reduction projects.

Water Reduction Projects

Between 2008 and 2015, we reduced U.S. water consumption by 35 percent. We’ve completed dozens of water reduction projects, which include installing low-flow plumbing fixtures in our buildings, reusing greywater for landscape irrigation, installing smart irrigation systems to reduce water used in landscape irrigation and implementing changes in our manufacturing processes.

Since 2015, we’ve maintained a consistent level of water use, despite company growth and several construction projects. We continue to identify and incorporate projects, practices and strategies. We’re currently focusing on three key water reduction areas: cooling tower enhancements, water reuse projects, and landscape and irrigation strategies.

Water Use

Leader in Water Disclosure

Each year Raytheon publically discloses information to CDP about our water consumption, water risks and water conservation program. CDP is a nonprofit global environmental disclosure organization that requests information on behalf of financial investment firms with combined assets under management of $100 trillion.

More than 2,000 companies worldwide participate in CDP’s program, representing $20 trillion in market capitalization. CDP issues an annual global water report that analyzes water data as well as companies’ responses regarding transparency, governance, measurement, risk assessment and goal setting. In 2017, Raytheon’s response jumped to the Leadership category, with a score of A-.

Raytheon uses Aqueduct, a water risk mapping tool from the World Resources Institute, to help identify which of our locations are in water-scarce areas. It determined that three of our locations — Tucson, Arizona; El Segundo, California; and Fullerton, California — face increased water scarcity, increasing water stress and declining water quality. We are particularly focusing on reducing water use at these locations.


Corporate Responsibility Report

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