Supply Chain Sustainability


In recent years, Raytheon has taken steps to incorporate sustainability principles into our supply chain management processes. We've integrated sustainability content into our source selection documents, into certain supplier assessment tools and into many of our suppliers' quarterly business reviews. We’re working with key suppliers to ensure they are committed to our sustainability values and have sustainability goals that they pursue.

Electronic Transactions

We continue to build platforms to allow electronic supply chain transactions that reduce environmental impact while increasing efficiency. These include agreement and procurement processes conducted in Raytheon supply chain tools such as Supplier Relationship Management, and Enterprise Purchase Order and Agreement Documentation. They also include transactions from the Raytheon Supplier Portal, which facilitates many supplier transactions associated with current contractors. We’ve also rolled out secured email processes to facilitate transmission of sensitive information to suppliers via a secured network.

Sustainable Procurement

Raytheon worked with our office supply partner to use 30 percent recycled content paper as our standard for daily printing. We’ve increased our purchases of sustainable office products — those made with renewable resources, recycled materials and /or are third party certified green.

We’re also working with our supplier to replace the polystyrene foam cups, plates, bowls and plastic utensils employees use in breakrooms and office kitchens. Instead, we’re using environmentally-preferable products that are certified compostable. We completed a pilot program at one of our large sites that, as a result of this switch, will divert an estimated four tons of waste from landfill per year . We will also significantly reduce waste contamination by making recycling easier for our employees. This initiative may also reduce annual purchasing costs by approximately five percent.

Sustainabile Procurement

Supplier Packaging

Raytheon is working to reduce the environmental impact of supplier packaging by decreasing packaging volume and using environmentally preferred packaging where possible. In 2017, we completed four supplier packaging reduction projects. One involved the polystyrene coolers and non-recyclable ice packs used to deliver certain frozen chemicals for manufacturing. We arranged for our chemical supplier to take back the polystyrene and ice pack bags at one of Raytheon’s large sites and reuse the materials in subsequent deliveries. This initiative will allow Raytheon to reuse, rather than dispose of, 1,100 pounds of polystyrene per year.


Supplier Packaging


Corporate Responsibility Report

This year’s report provides a detailed overview of Raytheon’s corporate responsibility initiatives, highlighting our efforts to enrich the lives of people, strengthen our performance and reduce our environmental footprint.

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