Energy Reduction


Energy reduction is a cornerstone of our sustainability program. Using less energy supports our competitive advantage goal. It also advances our sustainability vision by helping us conserve our planet’s natural resources and by reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

Raytheon has been a proud partner for more than 18 years in ENERGY STAR®, a voluntary U.S. EPA program that promotes strategic energy management.

Sustained Excellence

Energy Star

For the 11th year in a row, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded Raytheon its ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence Award for our leadership in protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency accomplishments.

The award acknowledges our continuous reduction in energy consumption and our strong energy programs and initiatives.

Energy projects include switching to energy-efficient LED lighting; installing state-of-the art building automation systems; upgrading central plant facilities and making improvements to compressed air systems, lab areas and production equipment; and implementing Smart Campus technologies.

Global Headquarters Receives ENERGY STAR certification

Raytheon moved into our global headquarters building in Waltham, Massachusetts, in late 2003. Since then, we’ve continued to improve its energy efficiency by optimizing our heating, ventilation and air conditioning and boiler systems, upgrading our lighting systems and installing new technologies in our conference center.

These efforts have reduced the building’s annual energy consumption by more than 30 percent. In 2017, the building earned ENERGY STAR® Certification, becoming the first Raytheon facility to receive this recognition.

This designation is a mark of utmost efficiency, demonstrating that the building meets the EPA’s high-energy performance standards including performing better than at least 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide. Certifications such as ENERGY STAR give employees who have been working to improve Raytheon’s workspace and building efficiency a well-earned recognition of their long-term efforts.


Between 2008 and 2015, we reduced our U.S. energy consumption by 18 percent, saving more than 3,350 billion BTUs cumulatively. Since then, we have cut energy use by an additional 4.4 percent.

Our integrated energy management strategy spans our buildings, manufacturing processes, information technology, engineering design and communications. In 2017, we recorded a number of notable accomplishments, including:

  • Advanced the implementation of Smart Campus technology
  • Installed energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Completed design and construction of a major energy-efficient data center
  • Earned ENERGY STAR Certification of three office buildings

Energy Consumption

Drawing a Sustainable Future

For nine years, the Raytheon facilities energy team in El Segundo, California, has used an annual poster contest to get kids thinking about ways that sustainability fosters a healthy planet. In 2017, we extended the contest to Boys & Girls Clubs in Massachusetts and in Maryland and expanded our focus to include both STEM and sustainability.

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor, more than 100 children drew their visions of how STEM can create a sustainable future. Raytheon employees judged the posters on creativity and message, and the top winners in each category received prizes including Disneyland® passes, iPods® and bicycles. The drawings of the prizewinners included solar power, recycling and green technologies in their scenes of everyday life.

“The community’s economic and educational challenges are difficult,” Raytheon facilities engineer Chanea Banks said. “That’s why when companies like Raytheon provide STEM or mentoring programs, that’s such a gift. We want the children to be competitive, so the extra boost helps them in so many ways.”

Sustainabile Future

Sustainabile Future

Sustainabile Future


Corporate Responsibility Report

This year’s report provides a detailed overview of Raytheon’s corporate responsibility initiatives, highlighting our efforts to enrich the lives of people, strengthen our performance and reduce our environmental footprint.

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