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Champions of Cyber Defense

The 13th Annual National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC)

The nation's largest competition of its kind, the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, presented by Raytheon, provides college students from across the country the opportunity to test their skills at protecting a network against cyber threats. Congratulations to the University of Virginia team, the 2018 champions.

The competition is staged like a real business—to win students must keep a business running while fending off constant attacks. Qualifying and state rounds lead to 10 different regional level competitions across the nation. The winners of the regionals compete at the national championship.

In its 13th year of play, the 2018 tournament brings together more than 2000 grads and undergrads from 235 colleges and universities to compete and be crowned champ.

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Faces of Cyber

See how NCCDC has helped prepare today's cyber leaders to tackle the toughest challenges.

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