Raytheon is committed to open and transparent reporting. For our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report, we provide a full-scale digital experience that presents information flexibly so stakeholders can locate the information that interests them more easily. The result is an accessible presentation of our corporate responsibility activities — and a clear expression of what Raytheon is doing to engineer a safer world.

Our world-class sustainability program reflects the value we place on innovation, employee engagement and stakeholder collaboration. Over the years, it has created business value by making us more competitive, enhancing our reputation and boosting employee engagement.



Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. Our products play a vital role in protecting the sovereignty of nations and the safety and security of service members and citizens.

These trusted, innovative solutions reflect our practice of integrating sustainability into product design and manufacturing, and engineering innovation and excellence into each product’s entire life cycle. Responsible design gives us greater control over products along their entire life cycle, enabling Raytheon to enhance and improve these products to perform with greater efficiency and agility.



Our energy, water, greenhouse gas and waste reduction programs reflect our close collaboration with stakeholders, the innovation and engagement of our people and our commitment to operational excellence. We benchmark our performance against aggressive sustainability goals and regularly set new goals that help ensure that we minimize emissions, waste and the use of natural resources within our operations.



Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite
Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite

As a manufacturer and systems integrator, we incorporate sustainability into our planning, decision-making and day-to-day operations. We continue to invest in new technologies that improve efficiency, reduce costs and natural resource consumption, and optimize space and employee safety within our facilities.

We’re also working with our supply chain partners to share our knowledge and best practices. We encourage initiatives that improve their businesses and boost their sustainability performance — and ours.



As our world becomes more connected, societies face a growing and evolving threat of cyberattacks that can compromise national and personal security and disrupt critical infrastructure and business operations. Raytheon has the people and technology to make an important contribution by protecting information and infrastructure.

As we continue our pioneering work in the intelligence and defense arenas, we’re translating technologies into commercial solutions that benefit Raytheon, our business partners and the government and commercial sectors. This is important work in today’s dynamic and challenging geopolitical environment. Together, we’re improving our collective ability to deter adversaries and maintain the strategic advantage of our U.S. and allied forces.



We foster an inclusive environment that honors our differences, encourages the exchange of information and new ideas and makes it possible for everyone to find purpose, thrive and succeed. We hone our ability to use our differences, as individuals and teams, to drive growth and take targeted actions to create opportunity for all across our workforce. This focus allows us to better retain and attract the world-class talent and supplier base we need to develop the innovative solutions on which our global customers depend.



Raytheon supports armed service members who stand in harm’s way. Our evolving economy and future prosperity depend on building a world-class workforce and a sustainable talent pipeline.

These business imperatives focus Raytheon on two key social priorities: supporting military families and veterans, and promoting STEM education. This agenda resonates with Raytheon employees, many of whom maintain military connections through their own service or the service of family members.

This focused approach to corporate responsibility reflects not just Raytheon’s values, but also the key priorities of our external stakeholders. These shareholders, customers, supply chain partners, sustainability leaders and community partners all value corporate responsibility and participate in our success.


Contribution Funding Principle


We advance our mission through a culture that encourages diverse perspectives, and that’s guided by our shared values.

Raytheon’s Five Core Values

We operate as one global team creating trusted, innovative solutions to make the world a safer place. Our strength comes from our diverse backgrounds and ideas; our values guide how we work together to support our inclusive culture and deliver the innovative solutions on which our customers depend. We believe our values must be lived, not read. That’s why we continue to engage our nearly 67,000 employees on what our values — trust, respect, collaboration, innovation and accountability — look like in action. From employee-generated storytelling to leadership engagement, we ensure our values are reinforced and embedded as behaviors within the context of our work environment.

Raytheon Mission and Values

Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility Report This year’s report provides an expansive review of our corporate responsibility content, and highlights our efforts to enrich the lives of people, strengthen our performance, and reduce our footprint on the planet.

Corporate Responsibility Report