Performance Innovation

Performance Innovation

The Right Performance Improvement Process is Critical to Your Success

RPS helps organisations achieve speed, quality, cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction in the delivery of products and services — qualities essential to achieving and sustaining competitive advantage. We help clients transform by eliminating waste and creating sustainable high-quality processes through the use of proven improvement methodologies.

RPS can help you:

  • Identify the terms of your business needs: Is it speed? Cost? Satisfaction? Reliability? Working capital consumption? Workforce skills?
  • Establish the best ways to measure them. Not just the final scoreboard, but also the contributing actions that result in scoreboard success, so success can be ensured in advance.
  • Learn the reasons why performance is short of needs. Your understanding of operational causes will be deep. And we won't just do this for you once then disappear.
  • Develop reliable processes through the use of proven improvement methodologies. Your new skills will allow your staff to continue to make improvements into the future.
  • And always, the starting point will be the voice of your customer.

In all, it's about constructing the building blocks in your workforce to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.

Learning Strategy Design

The Learning Strategy Design workshop is an effective and proven methodology to set an organisation’s strategic learning objectives and gain the quick alignment necessary to achieve them. RPS has employed this workshop in many different companies and industries to help turn learning into a competitive differentiator for organisational success. This session sharpens focus to identify and address the real issues affecting outcomes. The objective is to prioritise the few key actions that will drive achievement.

Several key elements make this workshop essential:

  • Learning objectives are clearly mapped to the strategic objectives of the company and the advantages are firmly established.
  • The actions needed to achieve these learning objectives are prepared and owners are assigned. Alignment is achieved and serves to accelerate the accomplishments.
  • The measurements needed to show progress toward the goals and the effectiveness of the actions are defined and tracked from day one, validating the learning activities’ value add.
  • A review and governance procedure is prepared, setting a crisp cadence to the action items and milestone accomplishment.


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