Technology and Communications Training

Technology and Communications Training

RPS has an outstanding record of managing large, global, technically complex and innovative training and learning programmes in partnership with our clients in the technology and telecommunications industry. Our service portfolio includes short-term learning initiatives as well as multiyear engagement projects.

The Challenge

Our technology and telecommunications clients manage a complex, technically advanced portfolio of products and services that need to be developed, delivered and supported across numerous countries and markets. Telecommunications companies in particular need new capabilities, including data analytics expertise, to segment and generate maximum value from customers.

For companies to maintain their competitive positions in an ever-changing, aggressive market, there must be a definitive shift toward investment in competency-based training of employees, particularly within retail stores. This strategy will ultimately improve and sustain optimal customer service and satisfaction.


RPS Solutions

We can help develop a learning and development function that supports and revolves around programmes that extend learning beyond the actual course, encouraging connections between employees and harnessing technology to meet individual and organisational needs.

Our systematic approach gives guidance and transparency to learners, delivering:

  • High-quality training in a flexible operations and business model, matching training spend to business cycles
  • Reduced time to market for products and services
  • Increased speed to proficiency of employees to deliver and maintain complex products and services to support customers
  • Enhanced management and alignment of learning administration services
  • Significant return on investment through improved business outcomes

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