Pharmaceutical Training

For Improved Learning Outcomes in Regulated Environments

It's never been more important than it is today for the pharmaceutical industry to connect with its audiences. But employees, stakeholders and clinicians have higher expectations, less time and more distractions than ever before.

The major challenges that many of the largest pharmaceutical organisations are facing involve upskilling and motivating employees in a large and complex business, while also better connecting their business functions. In this rapidly changing and highly regulated global environment, pharmaceutical organisations are looking for new ways to develop their training and communications capabilities to help meet these challenges.


No matter where your organisation intersects the health care industry, RPS can help increase the speed of learning and dramatically improve your workforce's knowledge base, all while driving greater efficiencies. As a global leader in transforming learning environments within highly complex organisations, no one is better positioned than RPS to help your organisation align outcomes with key learning objectives.

We understand product organisations are currently adapting to quickly changing global health care markets. Your business is also becoming increasingly global in distribution, making training delivery options such as centralised, instructor-led training more costly, impractical and infrequent. RPS has the global scale and reach to uniquely meet health care product market needs. Our comprehensive range of services and solutions has recently helped clients by:

  • Providing global training administration services to market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Completing training needs analyses for leading medical device innovators to assist in the service and support of key hospital equipment
  • Training clinical product support personnel on the art and science of virtual classroom training to assist in the rollout of innovative medical technology

From our range of consulting services, which provide the processes and tools to effectively manage change, to specific learning solutions such as content training delivery, RPS provides cost-effective options aligned with your key business objectives.


Training can be a complex, multilayered operation involving hundreds of suppliers providing everything from venues, catering and staff to off-the-shelf courses and contractor instructors. Getting the most value out of your supply chain can be a challenge, especially when faced with cost pressures and the need to deliver savings and increased efficiencies. As a globally recognised Learning Systems Integrator (LSI), many customers have found it beneficial to have RPS manage all training-associated vendors and sourcing activity including content, instructor and consultant management.

RPS also is dedicated to delivering what our customers require from their supply chain: reduced costs along with the confidence that performance and quality will continually improve over time. Our strategic, end-to-end Training Vendor Management framework is specifically designed to achieve these goals, allowing us to operate at a change management level to provide day-to-day sourcing of the goods and services that make your training program a success.

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