Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Turning Data Into Learning That Drives Greater Performance

Analysing data is nothing new — it's one of the most powerful tools any business can implement when planning for today and tomorrow.

While the traditional use of learning analytics has many benefits, what it can’t provide might be the most important. That’s where RPS steps in. With our ability to apply powerful Performance Analytics, we help organisations view their data and their future in ways they had never before imagined.

Most learning and development (L&D) organisations want better ways to use analytics to improve their learning strategies and outcomes. Yet, a recent survey of over 400 organisations by RPS found that most L&D companies still rely solely on learning tools for their data. By focusing on learning data, these organisations are focusing on the past — instead of analysing data to address the performance and business challenges that they face today, or gaining the information needed to predict future outcomes.

"Performance Analytics is the engine that uncovers insights and reveals hidden value, to define new, targeted learning interventions. The result is learning spend helps the business achieve key objectives."

RPS' Performance Analytics uses business data and leading indicators to improve performance through learning solutions. By combining performance data (e.g., tasks, business key performance indicators) and workforce data (e.g., hiring, retention) with learning data, RPS ensures a strong link between learning and business outcomes.


RPS' Performance Analytics shifts the analysis focus away from learning and toward a more comprehensive analysis of performance issues and opportunities. By bridging the gap between current workforce capabilities and strategic goals, Performance Analytics:

  • Combines performance, workforce and learning data to enable a comprehensive data-driven analysis of key business and performance challenges
  • Analyses gaps between current and future states, identifies root causes for low performance and provides learning solutions to address present and future performance gaps
  • Uncovers insights and reveals hidden value, helping to define new, targeted learning interventions




RPS' expertise in the field of data analytics combines proven descriptive, predictive and inferential analyses to deliver valuable insights. After identifying patterns, performance issues, strategic needs, workforce challenges and outliers in customers’ data, we provide a tailored plan detailing specific initiatives that can drive effective learning strategies and tactics for the short and long term.

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