Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Raytheon Develops True Performance Leadership

Our leadership development programmes were designed to sharpen leadership skills across your organisation and help catapult performance to the next level.

Challenges occur even in the most effective of organisations. People and departments become caught up in prescribed roles that do not allow them to fully use their abilities. Data often comes in crushing waves rather than in a controlled flow that allows the right information to get to the right people at the right time. Your customer needs seem to change at an ever faster pace, far quicker than the ability to find and deploy new solutions.

To optimise the performance of your leaders, RPS experts will share best practices to:

  • Elevate the skills of highly-effective leaders
  • Create agile organisations
  • Accelerate execution
  • Develop high-performing teams in a climate of constant change and limited resources

Leadership skills are a competitive differentiator today for several reasons. The right leadership can take a business from survival mode to market leadership. The current business environment places extra strain on strong functional leaders as they transition to more strategic organisational roles, where ideas and initiatives emerge from numerous sources and success is equally about building support among a global group of peers as it is about obtaining buy-in from the C-suite.

We will show you a proven methodology (The Fabric of Leadership) that allows a reader to quickly identify issues, use breakthrough innovation techniques that help find new solutions or overcome barriers — and then take effective and lasting action to transform the organisation, unleashing its true potential for performance.



IDEAS Leadership

In a recent leadership effectiveness study,* only 27 percent of organisations believed their leadership was prepared for success in today’s work environment. Do you have the advanced leadership skills and tools to identify innovative opportunities, apply critical thinking and unlock the hidden potential in your organisation for accelerated results?

Strengthen your leadership skills with fresh thinking to explore new perspectives and create innovative opportunities for growth. Discover proven techniques that will change your thinking forever and increase your potential for personal and professional achievement. Join thousands of leaders who have applied the Raytheon IDEAS Advanced Leadership Skills for remarkable results. Identify critical actions that will accomplish crucial goals. Unlock your organisation’s hidden value to drive positive change and profitable growth. And actively network with diverse industry leaders in this experiential learning environment that turns hidden opportunities into real solutions.


Innovate + Deliberate + Evaluate + Actuate = Success

*CEB Corporate Leadership Council, 2014


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