Flex Learning Solutions

Flex Learning Solutions

RPS creates flexible, tailored and innovative learning solutions that optimise your workforce performance.

Most organisations want learning solutions that are affordable, scalable and reliable — and backed by an experienced and responsive support team. Taking a consultative approach, we work closely with you to understand your most important business, learning and performance goals. We ensure that learning programmes are scalable and can be successfully implemented. We can address a single element of your training system or deliver a comprehensive, companywide solution that addresses multiple elements. We leverage the right processes, tools and technologies to develop solutions that improve workforce and business performance.



Flex Development

Our Training Content Development teams create flexible, customised and innovative learning content that results in improved learner performance. By applying the right combination of technologies, delivery modalities and instructional design, RPS experts are able to maximise the learning experience, knowledge and skills your workforce requires.

Flex Learning Management Services

RPS has introduced a new end-to-end learning management services solution that is affordable, scalable and reliable, with the added support of a dedicated team. Flex Learning Management Services offers users an open-source learning system paired with comprehensive migration, implementation, consulting and support services that will transform and enhance current learning environments.

Flex Learner Support and Administration

RPS has decades of experience providing end-to-end training support services that include learning management system (LMS) administration, instructor scheduling, delivery planning, classroom logistics, inventory management and help-desk service support in 34 languages.