Content Curation and Curriculum Design

Content Curation and Curriculum Design


Workers in many organisations interact with learning content from a variety of different sources. This can lead to masses of content stored on a variety of systems, without organisation or attention to the quality and relevancy of the learning.

RPS provides a full spectrum of content curation services to help organisations of all sizes assume control of their content, organise it for better access by learners and source or build new content to fill gaps. RPS will also ensure that all content is aligned to organisations’ learning objectives.

To get you the content curation results you require, we:

  • Analyse the content you have
  • Identify the tools, technology and processes currently being used
  • Determine the effectiveness of your current content and note any gaps
  • Recommend, source or build missing content with the right combination of delivery methods
  • Optimise the learning portfolio to maximise learner effectiveness
  • Bring the right technology and solutions to support your needs


The benefits our customers have achieved from our content curation solutions include:

  • Efficient use of existing learning content
  • Reduced content development costs and accelerated content accessibility
  • Improved learning relevancy and effectiveness through reorganised content and metatagging
  • Increased accessibility and measurement through the application and integration of learning technology
  • Minimised "negative training"