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With over 90 years of worldwide training expertise, RPS offers apprenticeship programmes that deliver innovative training and development opportunities to individuals, communities and businesses across the U.K. The apprenticeship programmes we design and manage make a profound difference in young people's career paths and lives. They also help businesses achieve their full potential.

We are experts at providing high-quality apprenticeships tailored to a diverse range of industries. This is why our completion rates rank significantly above the U.K. national average.

Learn how to utilise your Apprenticeship Levy and allow us to build a bespoke programme that meets your business needs

Employers with a payroll of over £3m are now paying into a government scheme called the Apprenticeship Levy. Many employers are unaware of how to spend this, or are being driven towards spending their Levy on off-the-shelf training programmes that do not meet all their needs. 

RPS does not share this approach. At RPS, with an ‘understand first’ approach and process, we design Apprenticeship programmes that meet stringent government requirements – and that is also bespoke to your business needs. Also organisations which already have an internal training curriculum, we often find that it can be utilised as part of the programme.  

Want to utilise your Levy and see how we can design a programme bespoke to your business needs?

This all starts with reaching out to RPS and one of our experts will be in touch to arrange a meeting at your business. 



RPS has developed learning solutions across many verticals, including:

  • Information Technology at Higher Apprenticeship and Foundation Degree Level
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Cyber Security
  • Service Technician Training
  • Parts Advisor Learning Solutions
  • Customer Service Advisor Training
  • Business Apprenticeships
  • Leadership and Management 

Blended Learning: Increase your learning reach without increasing costs  

All of our Apprenticeship programmes have a blended learning approach. We successfully utilise Virtual Classroom Training to deliver learning in an easily accessible, easy to absorb way…and we have taken this approach a step further, with the introduction of Live Video Learning.

Introducing Live Video Learning

Our clients challenged us to reduce the time and days their employees spend away from the business attending classroom training.  They also wanted to find ways to better connect to the “YouTube generation”. 

New technologies have changed the way people connect with information – this is certainly true in training. The trend is now for employees to search online and view videos when wanting to learn something new and digest the content in bite-size chunks wherever they are. Currently many of our apprentices are either ‘millennials’ or Generation Z (iGen), who use video resources as their primary training and learning tool. 

By enhancing our existing virtual classroom training solution to Live Video, and successfully combining the attributes of instructor based classroom training and online training, we achieved all of our customers objectives. During the sessions, learners have direct access to communicate with the trainer and other learners in terms of questions, comments and observations via a message board functionality that is responded to instantly, allowing the training to successfully deliver on many levels what was formally achieved in classroom environments. 

This live video platform provides a cost-effective, two-way classroom learning experience delivered online for anytime, anywhere training.



Benefits to Learners

Are you are looking for a job where you can earn money while you learn the skills you need to achieve your career ambitions? Let us help you jumpstart your career! We help you to gain a recognised qualification with full support during training. All our apprenticeship programmes are delivered to the latest apprenticeship standard requirements and are approved by government.

There are no formal minimal requirements for entry to an Apprenticeship, but in order to succeed and get the most from our programmes, you need to be enthusiastic, committed and hard working.


  • Earn while you learn — gain qualifications and experience whilst getting paid.
  • Develop skills and experience directly relevant to your chosen career.
  • Be treated as an adult and get a real feel for the world of work.
  • Open up a route into further study.
  • Don't get into debt like university students — apprenticeships are government funded.
  • Apprenticeships strike a balance between work and study — so it's not back to school.
  • You are entitled to all the benefits of a normal employee including annual holidays and access to a company pension scheme

Benefits to Employers

  • Value for money — Our innovative learning methods allow you to do more, with fewer demands on budget and resources.
  • Less time spent away from work — A blended training approach means a majority of the learning can happen wherever the learner has access to the internet.
  • Flexibility — Learning can take place when it suits the business and the apprentices, fitting in around work patterns.
  • Cost savings — Time away from the workplace is drastically reduced.

We are experts in providing high quality, innovative apprenticeships. Our extensive experience will benefit your company and ensure that your employees have the best chance of success.

As a provider of all levels of Apprenticeships from Intermediate to Foundation Degree our aim is to deliver a service to both the employer and the apprentice that is recognised for its quality. This quality is reflected by our high retention and achievement rates of our learners whose on-going success maximises employer and individual potential.

  • We provide training nationwide in the UK. Our field based Apprentice Coaches are available to support you whether you're a small local business or a national multi-site organisation.
  • We work on an ‘understanding first’ basis to get to know your business and how we can utilise the Levy / Government funding to best benefit your business
  • With access to government funding we are able to maximise your training budget and reduce your financial burden of training costs.
  • Whilst we will deliver training in the workplace our extensive blended learning capabilities will minimise the time your employees need to spend away from their everyday job.

Bespoke Apprenticeship and Higher Apprenticeship Programmes are offered in Automotive and other technical industries upon request and agreement.

Automotive Apprenticeships

Don't miss out on our exciting range of automotive career opportunities. Shift into the next gear with one of the leading training innovators in the automotive industry!

As we move into new exciting times and face challenges such as low carbon technology and advanced vehicle safety you can be sure that you are with one of the leading training innovators in the automotive industry. Our programmes are recognised for their quality and performance.

Training takes place on a block release basis at one of our modern local training centres and remotely using distance learning capabilities, such as Web Based Training, Virtual Classroom Training and Video Learning.

Our training centres are located in Doncaster and Bracknell.

Click here to view currently offered automotive apprenticeships:

Customer Service & Business Apprenticeships

Get access to a multitude of career opportunities in almost any industry! Customer Service and Business Apprenticeships are some of the most popular and desirable programmes in the country. After successful completion apprentices have access to a multitude of career opportunities and can work in almost any industry.

They gain transferable skills that are not specific to any one company or industry and after successful completion they have options to progress to a higher level qualification in Team Leading, Management or a specific skill such as accountancy or marketing.

Click here to see currently offered business apprenticeships:


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