Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning


RPS' Adaptive Learning solution results in more relevant content, engaged learners and better business outcomes.

No matter where your organisation is in its Adaptive Learning evolution, RPS can provide expertise by building a road map to help you achieve your goals. We start by assessing your learning technology landscape. Whether your organisation relies on a traditional enterprise learning management system or a more advanced, integrated Adaptive Learning infrastructure, we will work with your system to help design, develop and deliver Adaptive Learning content for each learner.

To achieve optimal personalised learning, RPS offers:

  • Conversion from traditional content to microlearning modules
  • Design, development and deployment of innovative Adaptive Learning courses, both online and instructor-based
  • Design, configuration and implementation of integrated Adaptive Learning solutions — including Learning Record Store and advanced Adaptive Learning platforms
  • Adaptive Learning content architecture

RPS offers integrated Adaptive Learning solutions in partnership with best-in-class industry platforms that allow us to quickly create and deploy new learning content from existing courses or digital assets to determine the optimal microlearning path.


Learning Infrastructure Expansion

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