Training Delivery

Training Delivery

Blended Training Delivery with Raytheon Simulation Training Expertise

Making the right training available at the right time and in the right way elevates the impact of your training and accommodates different learning preferences. Training delivery can include a customized blend of multiple delivery formats — both formal and informal, that shorten the usual time to proficiency.

Instructor-led Training (ILT): Our ILT focuses on the learning elements that will benefit most from direct, personal mentoring and instruction by our extended network of training facilitators.

Web-based Training (WBT): Our WBT solutions offer engaging and interactive coursework that can be accessed and completed at a time and pace best suited to the individual learner. In an age of social learning, we can adapt our WBT courses into microlearning modules providing learners with the precise knowledge required at that moment.

Virtual: RPS' virtual classroom training (VCT) combines many benefits of instructor-led training with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of distance learning. Through VCT, learners receive direct, personal instruction from experienced, certified trainers using a range of online presentation and interactive tools — without having to leave their workplace or home. This minimizes facilitation and travel costs while retaining the flexibility of our web-based courses.



Based on leading collaborative technology, the RPS VCT learning environment features a range of options including live camera feeds from classroom studios, demonstration suites or standard offices. Instructors can dynamically combine direct-to-camera presentation with live product demonstration, static and video content, interactive discussion, opinion polls, informal testing and more. VCT also supports communications outside the formal learning environment, including general company meetings, executive broadcasts and real-time research initiatives. Recorded VCT sessions can be made available for independent study at any time, increasing reach and accessibility.

Using a unique set of guidelines, RPS platform experts provide the guidance and support needed to help you make the right VCT training solution decision and implement it to optimize your program. We will make your content interactive and engaging, train instructors to deliver virtual courses effectively, and provide technology and services that ensure measurable results of the highest quality. VCT helps provide consistency across your organization with content that is common to all learners but still accommodates various learning styles for optimal engagement and retention. It makes key instructors and subject matter experts more widely available, and can be integrated with a learning management system for effective tracking and reporting. Some RPS virtual training options include:

VILT360 – This is a comfortable first step in integrating virtual training. Learners still come together in the classroom, but the instructors are virtual. (read more ...)

VCT360 – The entire classroom is virtual in VCT360. Courses are recorded for on-demand playback. (read more ...)

vBroadcast360 – This is like a TV broadcast. Used to inform, not train; conveys important information quickly to a geographically dispersed audience. (read more ...)


Simulation-based training (SBT) is essential for refining performance in high-consequence environments where failure is not an option. It allows for the opportunity to practice critical techniques and procedures in a realistic, immersive and risk-free environment, leading to improved performance, confidence, safety and compliance as well as reductions in both cost and on-the-job errors when skills are practiced in a real setting. SBT also helps standardize responses and improve communication and reaction to variation.

Pilots learn in a simulated cockpit for a good reason: they can train under variable conditions without the fear of crashing. They can even train on what to do if they crash. Similarly, astronauts use simulation training to learn how to perform tasks while weightless. For oil rig workers, simulation training likewise helps them make effective decisions under realistically stressful circumstances. In other high-consequence industries, such as health care or the automotive industry (where technicians must ensure that the cars they build and maintain are safe), simulation proves similarly effective. By applying the expertise from Raytheon's decades of experience training U.S. military personnel, the Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers and NASA astronauts, other industries can improve outcomes and efficiencies, mitigate or eliminate risk and meet regulatory requirements.

In the health care arena, RPS' SBT offers a comprehensive array of technologies to professionals across a wide range of hospital clinical areas, focusing on yielding improved clinical and cost control results as well as increased patient safety. This efficiency helps organizations achieve operational excellence.

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) also offers gaming capabilities — to creatively adapt training to employees' learning preferences. We understand the different levels of complexity in game-based learning and offer categories such as: casual gaming, virtual worlds and simulations, serious gaming and "gamification."

Mobile Learning

Through this delivery method, learners have immediate access to information and training at the point of need and use. Raytheon's Secure Mobile Learning solution ensures your proprietary information is protected from development through distribution.



RPS have now enhanced our existing VCT solution to the next level with Live 360 Training - successfully combining the attributes of instructor based classroom training and online training. Live 360 enhances the training and learning experience for employees, while embedding knowledge, skills and assertiveness. With its ability to cascade content and data, which is supplemented by multi-layered blend of verbal, written and video interaction, Live 360 ensures training is reaching a much larger audience than is feasible with face-to-face training, and in a shorter timeframe.


How can you address the various training challenges today while adapting to evolving needs tomorrow?

The answer: through RPS' customized blended learning solution, an integrated approach to learning that removes budgetary and cultural constraints that traditionally block an organization's learning objectives.

Your blended learning package may include: ILT, WBT, VCT, SBT, gaming, video, mobile learning, performance support tools, job aids, interactive PDFs and even some on-the-job training.

For many skills there is no substitute for personal mentoring, high-quality demonstrations and live interaction. RPS instructors are drawn from our global pool of experienced training professionals covering over 125 countries and 28 languages. Our WBT solution is the workhorse of the blend group, aimed to benefit the widest variety of learners and enable them to work with static, animated and interactive content at their own rate. Each WBT is fully integrated with your learning management system: a cost-effective core learning platform and a resource for refresher course training.

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) will balance the right blend of instructor-led, digital and other solutions, monitoring the quality of delivery and use of resources to provide you with the best long-term value for your training investment.



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