Training Administration and Logistics

Training Administration and Logistics


Event logistics are crucial to any training event’s success. Raytheon Professional Services' (RPS) best-practice processes and tools ensure every training event is unique and successful at engaging audiences and driving home key messages. We regularly partner with clients to creatively plan and operate high-profile, large-scale events such as leadership team meetings, executive training events and significant organizational communication or training sessions. RPS onsite logisticians collaborate with customers to design and manage a memorable event aligned with key success factors, course objectives and other desired outcomes, participating as much or as little as required during each phase of the four-phase planning process:

  1. Event Planning: RPS works with clients to determine specific event requirements (i.e., number of participants, event type, location, dates, duration, additional activities and VISA/passport coordination and transportation needs) and ancillary items such as gifts, awards and more.
  2. Training Event Cost Estimates: RPS provides several pricing estimates to best fit each client’s budget and illustrate a variety of options for consideration. This proposal also includes basic scheduling and logistics activities.
  3. Formal Agreement: After fully scoping and pricing a solution, the RPS Contracts team develops a formal resourcing and delivery agreement.
  4. Event Execution: Finally, RPS conducts a kickoff and planning session to establish key milestone dates and program team contact information. Regular status meetings and communications take place with event stakeholders to ensure all activities are completed on time and within budget. Our Learning Event Management (LEM) team handles the time-consuming details of upcoming training events and daily support, allowing your staff to focus on core responsibilities.



RPS also brings superior expertise as Learning Systems Integrators (LSIs). With our global network and scale, we can offer the best partners and training associates for your business.

Training can be a complex, multilayered operation involving hundreds of suppliers providing everything from venues, catering and staff to off-the-shelf courses and contractor instructors. Getting the most value out of your supply chain can be a challenge, especially when faced with cost pressures and the need to deliver savings and increased efficiencies. Many customers have found it beneficial to have RPS manage all training-associated vendors and sourcing activity including content, instructor and consultant management.

RPS is dedicated to delivering what our customers require from their supply chain: reduced costs along with the confidence that performance and quality will continually improve over time. Our strategic, end-to-end Training Vendor Management framework is specifically designed to achieve these goals, allowing us to operate at a change management level to provide day-to-day sourcing of the goods and services that make your training program a success. We continue to leverage our global network of contacts and wide breadth of experience to help customers achieve results of international scope and significance.

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