Training Administration

Training Administration

Raytheon Professional Services provides effortless program execution by analyzing every touch point of administration — from learner care to logistics — to build a fully integrated process that delivers a seamless experience that is both efficient and effective.

We work in partnership with our customers to continually identify challenges and leverage technology, processes and our expertise to implement improvements that address evolving business issues.


Event logistics are crucial to any training event’s success. Raytheon Professional Services’ best-practice processes and tools ensure every training event is unique, engages audiences and drives home key messages. We partner with clients to creatively plan and execute high-profile events such as leadership team meetings, executive training events and significant organizational communication or training sessions.

Training Administration

Program Management

RPS’ exceptional program management, processes and tools have enabled us to obtain superior quality of service and measurable results for our customers. For one customer, that included:

  • Reduced costs by greater than 65 percent
  • Standardized processes across 40 global sites, eight businesses
  • Increased throughput by 20 percent
  • Significantly increased compliance rate of state qualifications
  • Consistently met/exceeded SLAS

Our Workflow Manager System (WMS) is a web-based global request management tool specifically designed to receive, manage and report on all aspects of training administration services, providing RPS the ability to:

  • Maintain process standardization
  • Track/monitor requests
  • Improve response/resolution times
  • Maximize efficiency, optimize staffing
  • Capture critical performance metrics, client-specific SLAs
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Our global LMS administration teams in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific allow us to easily meet client needs and provide low-cost training administration services.


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North America operations are headquartered in Richardson, Texas, with regional locations in Troy, Michigan, and Mexico. European headquarters are near Frankfurt. Our Barcelona service center was named Best Multilingual Support Center in the world by the International Customer Management Institute in 2016. Our Asia-Pacific operations include China, Korea and Australia, with centers of excellence in Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, India, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


Our Training Support Services (TSS) team provides a comprehensive range of services for streamlined training administration and learner support. For live events, we offer end-to-end logistics service that covers the venue, classroom setup and teardown, catering, materials production and distribution, tools and equipment inventory management, attendance reports and roster management.


TSS call centers provide 24/7 support for your learners. RPS maintains full-service inbound and outbound centers for training delivery, supporting instructor-led, web-based and virtual classroom training in over 28 languages via telephone, email, fax and web chat.


On-Site Learning Facility Support

We understand you don’t always know what your needs and volumes may be. We offer a scalable business model that accommodates what you do know and allows for fluctuations in what you don’t, in addition to transparency and budget certainty. On-site learning administrator responsibilities include:

  • Performing meet and greets
  • Assisting with classroom, event setup
  • Identifying classroom configuration requirements
  • Coordinating facilities with local facility teams
  • Resolving issues that may arise during class delivery
  • Maintaining classrooms, classroom assets, logistics
  • Troubleshooting course material

Facilities Scheduling

Our learning administrators work with local facilities’ teams to confirm the appropriate room and delivery setup. RPS works with off-site facilities, such as hotels and conference centers, to support classroom delivery.

Services include:

  • Scheduling facilities
  • Room management
  • Scheduling audio-visual materials, networking
  • Catering orders
  • Confirming materials receipt

Instructor Resource Management

The Instructor Resource Management team has full-time and contract instructors certified to teach all course content. RPS Learning Administration clients save 10 to 20 percent as the result of our:

  • Core of qualified instructors
  • Consistent performance management
  • High instructor utilization (typically 50–60%)
  • Technology-based scheduling, management
  • Consistency, savings with vendor base
  • Economies of scale, market knowledge

Materials Management

Accurate compilation and availability of training materials at class start are critical to ensure a high-quality learning experience. RPS’ learning administrators ensure electronic copies of materials are dispersed.

Financial Management

Depending on the level of financial review requested, in relation to the Managed Services for off-the-shelf content, the team may ask the client to approve payment of learning invoices. Services include reviewing received invoices against frame agreements, quotes and marking ready for payment. Learning administrators in the Shared Services Centers secure logistics for facilities, instructors, vendor-provided services and material fulfillment.



Learner Communications

The learning administrator manages communications regarding event registrations through client-tailored automated LMS notices or standard email templates. Notices may be delivered to learners directly or to a designated manager.

Services include:

  • Tailoring of automated LMS notices, e.g., maps to locations, travel information
  • Creating and distributing instructor and participant welcome, reminder notices
  • Distributing and managing pre- and post-work, including e-learning prerequisites
  • Managing attendees (booking, waitlist, etc.)

Evaluation Management

RPS provides Level 1 and 2 evaluation services in the Learning Administration process. Evaluations can be collected via paper, email or electronically.

Services include:

  • Creating course/class-specific evaluations
  • Distributing evaluations to instructors or learners
  • Consolidating evaluation results

Learner History Management

RPS records participant completion and attendance information, which can include certification, pre-test and post-test scores, incompletes and no-shows in the LMS. As part of the class closeout process, RPS may provide class completion certificates or other forms of recognition as an additional service, delivered at the close of a session or to the participant after course completion.

Services include:

  • Reconciling attendance
  • Completing learners’ history in LMS
  • Creating, delivering completion certificates
  • Maintaining rosters

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