Technology and Communications Training

Technology and Communications Training

RPS' Worldwide Telecommunications Training

RPS has an outstanding record of managing large, global, technically complex and innovative training and learning programs in partnership with our clients within the technology and telecommunications industry. We can tailor our solutions and service offerings to varied learning audiences worldwide. Our service portfolio includes short-term learning initiatives as well as projects up to multiyear engagements with long-term planned and executed learning solutions.

The Challenge

Our technology and telecommunications clients manage a complex, technically advanced portfolio of products and services that need to be delivered and supported across numerous countries and markets.

For companies to maintain their competitive position in an ever-changing, competitive market, there must be a definitive shift toward investment in competency-based training of employees, particularly within retail stores. This is ultimately to improve and sustain customer service and satisfaction.

RPS' Solutions

We can help develop a learning and development function that supports the business imperatives of ongoing alignment to business needs, optimization of training spend and seamless operation.

RPS can provide training path recommendations indicating training medium and training duration, defining target groups and knowledge prerequisites, mandatory and optional trainings as well as time schedule and calendars.

Our systematic approach gives guidance and transparency to learners and approvers, delivering:

  • High-quality training in a flexible operations and business model matching training spend to business cycles
  • Reduced time to market for products and services
  • Speed to proficiency of employees to deliver and maintain complex products and services to support customers
  • Ability to partner with subcontractors and third parties to deliver required training outcomes
  • Significant ROI through improved business outcomes



You're in qualified hands with RPS

Our full suite of tools, processes and people at Raytheon Service Centers worldwide, coupled with our commitment to Six Sigma, enables rapid development cycle times and significantly reduced training costs based on a flexible and adaptive pricing approach.

Ultimately, RPS is a global learning solutions provider with a demonstrated ability to rapidly develop and deploy service delivery models for clients that match training to business tempo and changes. RPS offers a low-risk transition approach supported by a highly-experienced team to ensure the establishment of a new training system without disruption to your existing annual training plan.

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