Technical Services Training

Technical Services Training

RPS provides innovative training solutions for the repair and maintenance of equipment, vehicles and machinery in markets with rapid product and technology life cycles. We enable our customers to achieve greater availability of their products and increase customer satisfaction through efficient service and immediate problem resolution.

Whether maintaining vehicles and equipment already deployed or preparing technicians for launches through new product training, RPS uses technology and performance analytics to assess, train and certify learners on technical proficiencies. From ATMs and automobiles to forklifts and electrical transformers, RPS ensures that every learner, at every step of the diagnostic and repair process, is fully trained and able to meet exacting standards. Our goal is to align learning with your key business objectives and ensure our technical training maximizes your customers' satisfaction and loyalty.


Through an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, RPS has built a strong reputation of proven success and a mastery of technical service training. The team offers expertise encompassing technical and nontechnical services, sales and parts, using the most current learning media (e.g., tablets, smartphones, performance support objects, 3-D modeling) to best meet your evolving needs.

RPS helps customers solve critical technical training needs through:

  • A systems-based approach that ensures training solutions deliver measurable business results
  • Expertise gained from providing technical training for the world’s leading companies across a variety of high-consequence industries
  • A flexible business model supporting incremental and transformational approaches to change
  • Automotive market expertise; deep knowledge of dealer and aftermarket operations
  • Ability to leverage existing Learning Management Systems or provide a purpose-built LMS to address complex business rules, multi-branding and multi-language requirements scalable for a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Over 1,000 staff members globally dedicated to providing training support services including vehicle repair and maintenance, subject matter experts and instructional systems designers
  • In-house graphics/audio/visual development and curriculum analysis

RPS' technical skills training results in improved workforce safety, compliance and efficiency, which leads to satisfied customers. Through our corporate training services, we help companies better meet and maintain their customers' service contractual and compliance guarantees.

Using creative solutions to solve unique customer challenges

With Live VCT, RPS has brought Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) to the cutting edge by providing interactive training, streamed live and directly to delegates. Live VCT successfully combines the attributes of instructor based classroom training and online training.

During Live VCT training, learners have direct access to communicate with the trainer and other learners in terms of questions, comments and observations via a message board functionality that is responded to instantly. The trainer can adapt the training depending on the comments - for example, show a specific part of a car if requested by a participant.

For the launch of their new Q50 model, Infiniti wanted to use Live VCT to train their sales teams across Europe on all aspects of the new car. Over a 2 week period a total of:

  • 27 Live VCT sessions / over 33 hours of training was delivered
  • To 250 delegates
  • In 6 different languages (EN, FR, DE, NL, IT, PL)

Live VCT's ability to cascade content and data which is supplemented by multiple levels of interaction - verbal, written and video - is important to ensuring Infiniti can deliver effective training to a much larger audience than is feasible with face-to-face training, in a shorter timeframe and at a fraction of the cost.


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