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Strategic Alignment

RPS' consulting services provide tools and roadmaps to accelerate business results.

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) team of consultants and learning experts helps leaders and their organizations rethink the way strategies are aligned and integrated for individual and business performance. Our non-traditional approach to strategic road map development identifies innovative solutions that can be adapted to the unique needs of any organization.

Whether your organization is looking to strengthen your overall business strategy, build an effective Learning and Development (L &D) strategy — or seek to better align the two — RPS can help. Don't leave strategy to chance. Leverage the best practices of successful leaders and organizations.

We have contributed to superior results such as:

  • Small and medium enterprises developed strategic roadmaps for new products and capabilities to drive economic growth in industry and profitable new businesses.
  • A global strategy was created with a medical equipment provider of highly reliable, high-consequence devices to reduce the probability of medical errors worldwide.
  • A Middle Eastern national security academy effectively shaped a shared vision and strategic plan.
  • U.S. Air Force transformational strategies were developed by engaging ranks - from Generals to Civil Servants.
  • A strategic plan was developed for the full acquisition life cycle, from requirement to closeout, of the General Service Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Common Acquisition Platform (CAP).
  • Global Supply Chain and Contracts strategies were integrated for commercial training outsourcing effectiveness.
  • The U.K. Ministry of Defense strategy was crafted for training administration across all branches of the military.
  • An organizational learning strategic plan for mid-level leadership development was envisioned and designed.

Visionary leadership requires the ability to set strategic direction which inspires the organization to take action. In a highly collaborative environment, the development of a shared vision and a three- to five-year strategy will become a catalyst for organizational engagement. With RPS as your guide and resource, leaders from across the organization will come together to shape the future and prioritize the critical few strategic imperatives that produce results — starting immediately. Executable plans are aligned directly to the shared vision and strategy for maximum impact.

For an L &D organization, visionary strategic leadership can engage people and inspire committed teams in achieving shared learning goals and objectives. RPS' unique methodology creates an atmosphere that brings out the best thinking from everyone involved — in creative and non-traditional ways — which help organizations achieve extraordinary results.

Break the mold of traditional strategic planning and discover what small start-ups to large-scale organizations have applied to shape their future. To optimize the performance of your teams, RPS experts will share best practices for:

  • Strategic Thought Partnership
  • Visioning Sessions
  • Alignment of Training and Business Strategies
  • Strategic Planning/Roadmaps
  • Breakthrough Performance Plans
  • Business Modeling
  • Collaborative Teaming

Catalyst Engagement

The Catalyst Engagement is a transformational business encounter that quickly reveals the real workings of an organization. It combines the proven practice of Social Network Analysis with the rigor of Raytheon Six Sigma™ to identify an organization's true leaders, and equips those leaders to drive meaningful organizational change.

Strategic Alignment Flow Chart
Strategic Alignment Flow Chart

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