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Training & The Employee Life Cycle – Phase 1: Pre-Employment Development
Refers to the process of preparing future employees with information about the relevant competencies and skills required of a specific job or about the practices of the hiring organization.

Training & The Employee Life Cycle – Phase 2: Onboarding
Refers to the process through which new employees acquire the skills, knowledge and behaviors to become effective contributors to an organization.

Training & The Employee Life Cycle – Phase 3: Knowledge Capture and Transfer
Refers to the process through which an individual's technical knowledge is obtained and recorded such that insights, experiences, social networks and lessons learned can be shared to mitigate organizational knowledge loss.


Apprenticeships for the Automotive Sector
Learn about Raytheon's highly successful apprenticeship programs for developing technical skills and expertise within the automotive industry.

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) Architect™ takes a design-before-you-build approach to learning that helps organizations align curriculum to performance. It will help analyze an organization's training, workflow and processes to identify key learning opportunities that impact results.

Blended Learning™
Integrates learning modes and technologies to create an optimal blend that fits an organization's goals, infrastructure and culture. Blended Learning removes the constraints that traditionally stand between an organization and its learning objectives.

Business and Administration Apprenticeships
RPS' "Earn While You Learn" Apprenticeships can not only kick start a management career, they actually allow the learner to earn a salary while gaining valuable qualifications in a convenient and cost-effective online program.

Capabilities Overview
From strategy to solution design to curriculum and content, to training delivery, support and administration, Raytheon Professional Services applies the best commercial solutions, processes, tools and training experts to make our learning programs available anytime, anywhere.

Catalyst Engagement℠
RPS' Catalyst Engagement is a transformational business encounter that quickly reveals an organization's social network. Built on research in the fields of economics, sociology and process improvement, it combines the proven practice of organizational network analysis with the rigor of Raytheon Six Sigma.

Comprehensive Training Solutions for Healthcare
RPS combines a rich history of proven high-consequence expertise and deep insight to help healthcare organizations improve performance — with measurable business and performance results.

Customer Service Apprenticeships
Raytheon Customer Service Apprenticeships are designed to build the skills needed to communicate effectively with customers in order to build customer loyalty, respond to enquiries, sell goods, solve problems, advise customers on products, and develop an expertise that spans across all industries.

Data Driven Decision Making ℠
D3M is a proven methodology that helps organizations leverage data far more effectively, and quickly gain tangible results.

Healthcare Learning Diagnostic
The Learning Diagnostic is a process by which healthcare systems can measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their learning system and environment, and develop comparisons to best in class learning organizations outside the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Learning Solutions
Raytheon Professional Services gives healthcare providers, payers and product suppliers the tools to strengthen their performance of their workforce by enhancing their knowledge base and accelerating learners' speed to proficiency, while also reducing training costs.

Hi-Con Survival Training at NASA's Johnson Space Center
The Hi-Con Training Program provides a rigorous experiential learning environment that empowers trainees with the knowledge and skills to act confidently and effectively in situations where the right action counts most.

IDEAS Leadership Experience
Provides a structured environment for creative thinking with the ultimate aim of generating business value, and drives new ways of thinking and solving entrenched business problems.

InnovationStation Experience℠
Provides a structured learning environment for creative thinking that generates real business value and uncovers new approaches to solving entrenched business problems.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
The right LMS choice for your organization will ensure successful implementation and customize the implementation process to achieve your business goals.

Management Apprenticeships
RPS' Management Apprenticeships allow learners to acquire hands-on experience and gain valuable management skills and qualifications as apprentices in the program as they earn a salary.

Natural Resources Learning Solutions and Asset Lifecycle Solutions
RPS training solutions decrease risk in high consequence environments while also increasing compliance and safety as we align your learning strategy with your business goals and improve efficiency across your entire organization.

Raytheon Convertix™
(Instructor-led to Web-based Training Course Conversion)
An RPS solution for easy and affordable lowering of training costs by converting costly ILT sessions into self-paced WBT courses, making training available anytime, anywhere.

Raytheon Virtual Training
Raytheon's Virtual Training suite offers a range of full-service Virtual Classroom Training solutions tailored to your company's unique needs.

RPS Catapult Rapid LCMS™
This unique platform streamlines WBT development, eliminates redundancy, and speeds cycle time to accelerate course building by integrating the entire development and deployment process into one collaborative tool.

Tailored Learning Solutions. Measurable Results.
RPS provides tailored learning solutions for customers, helping organizations meet their critical objectives by designing, implementing and managing training solutions that significantly improve workforce performance.

Training Administration and Learner Support
RPS developed a proprietary workflow-driven training administration platform, built on proven expertise and best practices, that fully integrates training administration tasks globally.

Virtual Classroom Training
RPS' virtual classrooms connect students via the Web to real-time instructors, global subject matter experts, and other students, enabling multiple learning styles for an optimized training experience. Virtual training ensures consistent messaging delivered in an engaging, effective and convenient learning experience.

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Why Do Companies Worldwide Outsource Training to RPS?

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Top 10 Reasons Clients Choose RPS

Why Do Companies Worldwide Outsource Training to RPS?

Raytheon Professional Services delivers the award-winning combination of deep experience wide scope of customized learning solutions, scale and global reach. Our recognized leadership in training outsourcing reflects our ability to build long term relationships with our customers, align training with their key business objectives and deliver agreed upon results. Our clients consistently tell us they selected RPS as a partner for the following reasons:

Focus on Measurable Results.
We design and develop tailored solutions to advance business objectives in a measurable way. We have a solid track record for delivering on clients' critical success factors, such as speed to market, customer satisfaction and cost reduction.

Comprehensive Range of Learning Solutions.
Our strategic learning solutions, from analysis and design through deployment and support, are customized and scaled to meet customers' unique business objectives. Whether managing some of the largest, longest-running employee training programs in the world, or applying our training expertise to smaller, shorter-term initiatives, we've helped clients transform how they effectively provide learning to their extended enterprise.

Raytheon's Experience in High Consequence Environments
We provide effective training programs for a wide variety of high consequence environments, where learning success is critical to an organization's business outcomes. Our technical and non-technical learning solutions have delivered high-impact results for extremely high-stakes scenarios in "zero error" environments.

Leaders in Training Solutions Technology.
RPS' technology solutions are at the forefront of the training industry. We consistently develop and deliver the latest training tools and technologies to enhance the learning environment, engage the learner, and enable management, metrics and measurement.

Blended Curriculum Design Expertise.
Using a proprietary Raytheon process, we work collaboratively with clients to assess their courseware. We then develop the most appropriate delivery method to manage the overall learning experience, increase speed to proficiency and generate the greatest return on a client's training investment.

Global Reach and Insight.
RPS has delivered training in 28 languages to learners in more than 100 countries. So we understand how to work with and optimize results for clients' extended enterprises in diverse cultures, locations, currencies and regulatory environments.

Program Management Expertise.
RPS is part of Raytheon Company, a leading provider of defense products and technical services with a rich heritage of engineering innovation. We are guided by Raytheon's deep expertise in program management, focus on the customer and their mission, as well as adherence to schedule and quality commitments.

Supply Chain Management.
We can coordinate a truly global operation, providing service in multiple locations, languages and currencies. Our global reach ensures our providing the best partnerships for our clients from our worldwide network of expert training professionals. RPS effectively improves vendor quality, cuts cycle times and reduces overall training vendor and supply chain management costs.

Reputation for Operational Excellence.
Our global reputation is reflected in the consistently high satisfaction ratings we receive from our customers. A key contributor to our success is Raytheon Six Sigma™: It provides the tools, processes and discipline that drive our efforts to continuously improve the way we deliver value to our customers.

Industry Recognition for Our Clients.
Our clients have received high honors and awards from industry organizations and publications such as HROA, Brandon Hall Research, Chief Learning Officer and Workforce Management magazines for learning solutions RPS designed and developed with them.

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