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Case Studies

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SGM 的技术培训及 STAR 系统 — 计算机辅助辅导的多种好处 Raytheon

使快车道汽车经销商取得成功 上海通用汽车 (SGM) 培训故事



Training & The Employee Lifecycle – Phase 1: Pre-Employment Development
Refers to the process of preparing future employees with information about the relevant competencies and skills required of a specific job or about the practices of the hiring organization.

Training & The Employee Lifecycle – Phase 2: Onboarding
Refers to the process through which new employees acquire the skills, knowledge and behaviors to become effective contributors to an organization.

Training & The Employee Lifecycle – Phase 3: Knowledge Capture & Transfer
Refers to the process through which an individual's technical knowledge is obtained and recorded such that insights, experiences, social networks and lessons learned can be shared to mitigate organizational knowledge loss.


Apprenticeships for the Automotive Sector
Learn about Raytheon's highly successful apprenticeship programs for developing technical skills and expertise within the automotive industry.

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) Architect™ takes a design-before-you-build approach to learning that helps organizations align curriculum to performance. It will help analyze an organization's training, workflow and processes to identify key learning opportunities that impact results.

Summarizes our award-winning capabilities, global reach and insight, and business results achieved for clients.

Blended Learning™
Integrates learning modes and technologies to create an optimal blend that fits an organization's goals, infrastructure and culture. Blended Learning removes the constraints that traditionally stand between an organization and its learning objectives.

Business and Administration Apprenticeships
RPS' "Earn While You Learn" Apprenticeships can not only kick start a management career, they actually allow the learner to earn a salary while gaining valuable qualifications in a convenient and cost effective online program.

Capabilities Overview
From strategy to solution design to curriculum and content, to training delivery, support and administration, Raytheon Professional Services applies the best commercial solutions, processes, tools and training experts to make our learning programs available anytime, anywhere.

Catalyst Engagement℠
RPS' Catalyst Engagement is a transformational business encounter that quickly reveals an organization's social network. Built on research in the fields of economics, sociology and process improvement, it combines the proven practice of organizational network analysis with the rigor of Raytheon Six Sigma.

Comprehensive Training Solutions for Healthcare
RPS combines a rich history of proven high consequence expertise and deep insight to help healthcare organizations improve performance — with measurable business and performance results.

Customer Service Apprenticeships
Raytheon Customer Service Apprenticeships are designed to build the skills needed to communicate effectively with customers in order to build customer loyalty, respond to enquiries, sell goods, solve problems, advise customers on products, and develop an expertise that spans across all industries.

Data Driven Decision Making ℠
D3M is a proven methodology that helps organizations leverage data far more effectively, and quickly gain tangible results.

Healthcare Learning Diagnostic
The Learning Diagnostic is a process by which healthcare systems can measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their learning system and environment, and develop comparisons to best in class learning organizations outside the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Learning Solutions
Raytheon Professional Services gives healthcare providers, payers and product suppliers the tools to strengthen their performance of their workforce by enhancing their knowledge base and accelerating learners' speed to proficiency, while also reducing training costs.

Hi-Con Survival Training at NASA's Johnson Space Center
The Hi-Con Training Program provides a rigorous experiential learning environment that empowers trainees with the knowledge and skills to act confidently and effectively in situations where the right action counts most.

IDEAS Leadership Experience
Provides a structured environment for creative thinking with the ultimate aim of generating business value, and drives new ways of thinking and solving entrenched business problems.

InnovationStation Experience℠
Provides a structured learning environment for creative thinking that generates real business value and uncovers new approaches to solving entrenched business problems.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
The right LMS choice for your organization will ensure successful implementation and customize the implementation process to achieve your business goals.

Management Apprenticeships
RPS' Management Apprenticeships allow learners to acquire hands-on experience and gain valuable management skills and qualifications as apprentices in the program as they earn a salary.

Natural Resources Learning Solutions and Asset Lifecycle Solutions
RPS training solutions decrease risk in high consequence environments while also increasing compliance and safety as we align your learning strategy with your business goals and improve efficiency across your entire organization.

Raytheon Convertix™
(Instructor-Led to Web-Based Training Course Conversion)
An RPS' solution for easy and affordable lowering of training costs by converting costly ILT sessions into self-paced WBT courses, making training available anytime, anywhere.

Raytheon Virtual Training
Raytheon's Virtual Training suite offers a range of full-service Virtual Classroom Training solutions tailored to your company's unique needs.

RPS Catapult Rapid LCMS™
This unique platform streamlines WBT development, eliminates redundancy, and speeds cycle time to accelerate course building by integrating the entire development and deployment process into one collaborative tool.

Training Administration and Learner Support
RPS developed a proprietary workflow-driven training administration platform, built on proven expertise and best practices that fully Integrates training administration tasks globally.

Virtual Classroom Training
RPS' virtual classrooms connect students via the Web to real time instructors, global subject matter experts, and other students, enabling multiple learning styles for an optimized training experience. Virtual training ensures consistent messaging delivered in an engaging, effective and convenient learning experience.

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为什么世界各地的公司愿意将培训外包给 RPS?



客户选择 RPS 的十大理由

为什么世界各地的公司愿意将培训外包给 RPS?

Raytheon Professional Services LLC (RPS) 将深厚经验、多种多样的定制学习解决方案以及全球影响力相结合,产生的效果屡获殊荣。 我们在培训外包方面的领导地位广受认可,体现了我们与客户建立长期合作关系、将培训对准其关键业务目标以及交付商定成果的能力。我们的客户都表示,他们出于以下理由选择 RPS 作为合作伙伴:

我们设计并开发定制的解决方案,以可衡量的方式来推进业务目标。 我们在实现客户的关键成功因素方面拥有坚实的业绩记录,例如上市速度、客户满意度和降低成本等。


我们为各种高风险环境提供高效的培训计划,在这些环境中,教学的成功与否对组织的业务成果至关重要。 我们的技术和非技术型学习解决方案已经针对“零误差”环境中的极端高风险情境实现了显著的结果。

RPS 的技术解决方案位居培训行业前列。我们始终如一地开发并提供最新的培训工具和技术,来改进学习环境、吸引学习者的兴致,使教学的管理、度量和衡量成为可能。


RPS 已经在 100 多个国家以 28 种语言为学习者实施培训。 因此,我们了解如何与具有多元文化、地点、货币和监管环境特征的客户进行扩展企业合作,并为其优化结果。

雷神公司是国防产品和技术服务的领先供应商,拥有丰富的工程创新传统,而 RPS 是雷神公司旗下的的一部分。我们以雷神公司深厚的计划管理专业知识为导向,关注客户及其使命,并坚持进度和质量承诺。

我们可以协调真正的全球性运作,在多个地点以多种语言和货币提供服务。我们的全球影响力确保自身能够通过我们的全球培训专家网络,为客户提供最佳合作伙伴。 RPS 可以有效地提高供应商质量,缩短培训周期,并降低培训供应商和供应链管理的总体成本。

客户对我们的高满意度使我们获得了全球声誉。 我们成功的关键之一是 Raytheon Six Sigma™(雷神六西格玛): 它提供了各种工具、流程和原则,促使我们不断改进向客户交付价值的方式。

由于使用 RPS 设计并开发的学习解决方案,我们的客户获得了来自行业组织和出版物的极高荣誉和奖项,如 HROA、Brandon Hall Research、Chief Learning Officer 和 Workforce Management 杂志。