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Effective Product Launches Create Momentum and Drive Success

The flawless launch of a new product is a key factor in helping organizations meet critical business goals. RPS' launch experts work with clients to provide end-to-end launch programs that will ensure employees are fully prepared to support your sales and customer-support objectives from the moment of launch.

Focus on employee training and exhilarating launch events

An effective launch program focuses on product training for all key personnel — sales, technicians, customer support — and on creating excitement through unique and memorable events. The right initial sales, after-sales and technical training can form the perfect foundation for your launch.

A centralized launch approach allows for the implementation of one set of standards and one marketing message across all markets, so that brand loyalty is strengthened and a high quality of training is guaranteed.

Successful product launches are increasingly important for creating momentum and will, to a high degree, determine sales figures. This is why it is crucial to educate and motivate your retail personnel quickly, consistently and cost efficiently across all markets.

Using creative solutions to solve unique customer challenges

With Live VCT, RPS has brought Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) to the cutting edge by providing interactive training, streamed live and directly to delegates. Live VCT successfully combines the attributes of instructor based classroom training and online training.

During Live VCT training, learners have direct access to communicate with the trainer and other learners in terms of questions, comments and observations via a message board functionality that is responded to instantly. The trainer can adapt the training depending on the comments - for example, show a specific part of a car if requested by a participant.

For the launch of their new Q50 model, Infiniti wanted to use Live VCT to train their sales teams across Europe on all aspects of the new car. Over a 2 week period a total of:

  • 27 Live VCT sessions / over 33 hours of training was delivered
  • To 250 delegates
  • In 6 different languages (EN, FR, DE, NL, IT, PL)

Live VCT's ability to cascade content and data which is supplemented by multiple levels of interaction - verbal, written and video - is important to ensuring Infiniti can deliver effective training to a much larger audience than is feasible with face-to-face training, in a shorter timeframe and at a fraction of the cost.



Formal training is primarily delivered through a blend of our best-practice distance learning solutions, including web-based training, video on demand and virtual classroom technology. A phased delivery of these tools is deployed and builds toward a high-profile event — or series of events.

RPS has partnered with customers to launch more than 600 products worldwide. In Europe alone, we facilitate launches in 43 countries and 19 languages. We will manage all aspects of your launch events — from planning and communications to logistics and evaluation, always ensuring your brand personality and essence are conveyed throughout.

To help you maintain control of your brand, reduce costs and create the right emotional bond with a new product, RPS offers a wide array of sales launch services.

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