Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) micro-learning content is delivered in small, easily understood segments designed to increase learner retention, engagement and performance that integrates into your overall learning strategy for success.

Micro-learning — done the RPS way — provides quicker access to learning, significantly increases retention and engagement and improves overall workplace performance. It enables employees in new roles to become productive on the job sooner.

Our research shows that 41 percent of organizations have micro-learning as a training priority, but only 19 percent understand that the design and development of micro-learning provides a key to success. RPS uses micro-learning not as a stand-alone learning vehicle, but rather as a supplemental component to reinforce critical pieces of information. Micro-learning requires thoughtfulness in how it’s strategically integrated to ensure success.

The rate of forgetting depends on a number of factors; however, studies show that employees can forget as much as 50 percent to 80 percent when not reinforcing learning.

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RPS has proven experience integrating micro-learning with customers’ existing learning content to ensure learners understand the most complex topics and equip them to apply that learning on the job, directly changing behavior to benefit the organization.

Why micro-learning works?

  • Simple, smaller segments
  • Focused, precise information
  • Can be produced at the speed of change
  • Media rich, interactive and engaging
  • Accessible just in time, and on the go

Ensure Your Training Doesn’t Go to Waste

Organizations spend more on learning than ever before, and it’s important to ensure learners retain the knowledge gained from the training offered. Micro-learning helps learners retain valuable knowledge because of delivery in small segments, key points and takeaways that we repeat in a manner that’s meaningful to employees.

Content Creation

RPS has proven experience integrating micro-learning with customers’ existing learning content to ensure learners’ understanding of even the most complex topics, and equip them to apply that learning on the job and directly change behavior to benefit the organization.

xAPI Compliant

Our Secure Mobile Learning system is Experience API compliant, which through data analytics makes our system able to adapt to the learner’s needs with the learner’s progress, activities and experiences tracked in our system. Based on each learner’s role in the organization and their tracked experiences, our system pushes adaptive micro-learning to their devices, makes recommendations for other experiences, and even triggers events that are most meaningful and appropriate for their specific needs. We perform the necessary analytics to measure impact and make modifications to improve the overall learning and performance experience.


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