Performance Solutions

Performance Solutions

Consulting services to improve strategy and business outcomes

Aligning your learning and business strategy to impact enterprise performance is critical. Less than 8 percent of companies’ learning strategies are effective on individual and organizational performance.

Today's organizations must organize, plan and implement innovative solutions that unlock and leverage every thread of untapped potential in their systems, processes and people to achieve breakthrough performance. An added challenge — keeping leaders trained and up-to-date with changing learning standards and advances in technology.



Analyzing data is nothing new — it's one of the most powerful tools any business can implement when planning for today and tomorrow. And while the traditional use of learning analytics has many benefits, what it can't provide might be the most important.


Our Leadership Development programs were designed to sharpen leadership skills across your organization and help catapult performance to the next level. We will engage with your leaders to collaboratively shape critical thinking skills and define visionary business models and strategies.


RPS helps organizations achieve speed, quality, cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction in the delivery of products and services — qualities essential to achieving and sustaining competitive advantage. We help clients transform by eliminating waste and creating sustainable high-quality processes through the use of proven improvement methodologies.


RPS helps leaders rethink the way strategies are aligned and integrate key result areas for individual and business performance. Our nontraditional approach to strategic road map development help us identify innovative solutions that can be adapted to the unique needs of the organization.