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For Improved Outcomes in a High-Consequence Environment

In high-consequence environments such as health care, every outcome potentially affects a life. That is why Raytheon, with decades of proven experience providing training in high-stakes environments — such as NASA and the FAA, where safety and compliance are paramount — is your best partner and asset for training solutions. Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) offers a wide range of learning solutions to health care providers, product supplier organizations and the payer sector.

Today, the health care industry faces dramatic and fast-moving changes, from reimbursement pressures and shifting regulations to an increased drive for quality improvement and efficiency gains. Perhaps the most critical component in navigating this transformation is staff training and development.


No matter where your organization intersects the health care industry — provider, payer or product supplier — RPS can help increase the speed of learning and dramatically improve your workforce's knowledge base, all while driving greater efficiencies.

As a global leader in transforming learning environments within highly complex organizations, no one is better positioned than Raytheon to help your health care organization align outcomes with key learning objectives.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Training

We understand product organizations are currently adapting to quickly changing global health care markets. Your business is also increasingly global in distribution, making training delivery options such as centralized, instructor-led training more costly, impractical and infrequent. As part of Raytheon, RPS has the global scale and reach to uniquely meet health care product market needs. Our comprehensive ranges of services and solutions have recently helped clients by:

  • Providing global training administration services to market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Completing training needs analysis for leading medical device innovators to assist in the service and support of key hospital equipment throughout the Americas
  • Training clinical product support personnel on the art and science of virtual classroom training to assist in the rollout of innovative medical technology

RPS can help you drive companywide significant increases in efficiency and effectiveness. From our range of consulting services, which provide the processes and tools to effectively manage change, to specific learning solutions, such as Content Training Delivery and Design and Development, RPS brings cost-effective options aligned with your key business objectives.


Health Care Provider Training

In today's environment, health care organizations must unlock, capture and leverage all untapped potential in their information systems, processes and people to meet the twin goals of excellent care and financial responsibility.

RPS helps ensure providers maximize organizational efficiencies while continually improving patient outcomes through a range of proven and innovative solutions, including consultative Health Care Learning Diagnostic Services and the highest quality and most current training solutions. RPS has helped diverse organizations solve key challenges such as:

  • Assisting a leading provider network in southwestern U.S. in solution design of an integrated training infrastructure designed to efficiently train caregivers in all locations
  • Leading learning management system implementations and optimizations at multiple large integrated delivery systems
  • Developing state-of-the-art innovative training modules leveraging immersive gamification to reduce medical errors in key areas of a leading academic teaching hospital
  • Optimizing a teaching health care system' use of limited simulation space through the design, development and deployment of blended training solutions that maximize pre-simulation e-learning modules to compress needed time in simulation lab


Keeping staff trained and current on changing learning standards and advances in technology is paramount in addressing and capitalizing on today' market transformations.

Ask RPS about our targeted services and solutions for health care systems:

  • Training Solutions Design
  • Advanced Simulation and Gaming
  • Health Care Learning Diagnostics
  • Six Sigma for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Learning Management System Optimization

Medical Billing Training

U.S. health care payer organizations are implementing unprecedented regulatory changes that span all U.S. consumers. The Affordable Care Act substantially changes how we access and enroll in health insurance products, as well as how health care providers are paid for the provision of health care services. Raytheon is collaborating with key payer organizations to help manage this significant change by:

  • Leading creative simulation exercises and training for payer organization's leadership, preparing teams for significant market changes
  • Providing trained instructors prepared to equip dispersed employees on the impact of the Affordable Care Act implementation

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