Flex Development

Flex Development

Content developed at your pace; for your needs

Raytheon's Development Center of Excellence creates flexible, customized and innovative learning content that results in improved learner performance. Raytheon’s Development team designs and develops solutions by applying the right combination of technologies, delivery modalities and instructional design best practices to maximize the learning experience and knowledge and skills your workforce requires.

Our Training Content Development team has deep knowledge of instructional systems design, and our media experts can develop integrated learning solutions consisting of electronic performance support systems, micro-learning and mobile applications to ensure that learning is impactful and meeting the needs of both the learner and the organization.

We leverage a series of processes, guidelines and templates to develop learning solutions using various delivery modalities, including:

  • Mobile learning
  • Virtual classroom
  • Classroom
  • Performance support tools
  • eLearning
  • Video, illustrative video and interactive video
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Augmented reality
  • Gaming and gamification

Raytheon's approach to development of curriculum solutions is grounded in a disciplined strategy to ensure optimal cost, schedule and quality, while offering a flexible development process that incorporates Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE), Agile and collaborative methodologies. We can employ a variety of rapid development tools and also have our own learning content management development system, which is designed to offer a collaborative approach along with translation for global application.

RPS has decades of experience managing high volumes of development, providing support to clients project by project. We are known for our operational excellence and flexibility. We start from where you need us to — from your must-haves, or a blank slate, we design and develop a solution that is cost-effective and delivers the desired results.


Each year, we provide over 10,000 hours of custom content for diverse customers in over 125 countries and in 29 languages. RPS' approach transcends all workforce types and is applicable to any industry.

  • Technical services: automotive, heavy duty equipment
  • Professional services: operations, management, financial services
  • Industrial: manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical
  • Sales: products and services
  • Government:  military; air traffic control

Our design and development solutions are flexible and tailorable to address your learning needs. From three hours to 3,000, from creating engaging and innovative classroom training experiences and performance support tools to crafting augmented and virtual reality solutions, RPS has the experience and flexibility to help your organization create learning solutions that provide measurable impact.

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