Flex Administration and Support

Flex Administration and Learner Support

Scalable services for high-quality training events

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) has decades of experience providing end-to-end training support services that include Learning Management Systems (LMS) administration, instructor scheduling, delivery planning, classroom logistics, inventory management and help desk service support in 29 languages.

Our LMS administration experience includes SumTotal, Cornerstone, SAP, Saba, Docent, Plateau, Thinq and Moodle/Totara, and extends to proprietary learning systems.

RPS' Workflow Manager System (WMS) is our unique, web-based global request management tool specifically designed to receive, manage and report on all aspects of training administration services, providing RPS the ability to:

  • Maintain process standardization
  • Track and monitor requests
  • Improve response and resolution times
  • Maximize efficiency and optimize staffing model
  • Capture critical performance metrics and client-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

RPS' exceptional program management, processes and tools have enabled us to obtain superior quality of service and measurable results for our customers that include:

  • Reduced costs by greater than 65 percent
  • Standardized processes across 40 global sites and eight business units
  • Increased throughput by 20 percent
  • Significantly increased compliance rate of state qualifications
  • Consistently met and/or exceeded all of our SLAs


Our global LMS administration team is located throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, allowing us to easily scale to meet the needs of our clients and provide low-cost training administration services.

Our North America operations are headquartered in Richardson, Texas, with regional locations in Troy, Michigan and Mexico. The European location is headquartered near Frankfurt, with our award-winning Barcelona service center named Best Multilingual Support Center in the world by the International Customer Management Institute on May 5, 2016. Finally, our Asia Pacific operations include China, Korea and Australia, with centers of excellence in Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, India, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


Our Training Support Services (TSS) team provides a comprehensive range of services for streamlined training administration and learner support, including strategic consultancy, LMS management, class scheduling and management, event logistics and fulfillment, day-to-day learner support, and tuition reimbursement and chargeback. For live training sessions and other events, we offer a comprehensive, end-to-end logistics service that covers the venue, classroom setup and teardown, catering, materials production and distribution, tools and equipment inventory management, attendance reports and roster management.

TSS call centers are strategically located around the world to provide 24/7 support for your learners. RPS also maintains full-service inbound and outbound centers focused on training delivery, supporting instructor-led, web-based and virtual classroom training in over 28 languages via telephone, email, fax and web chat. These centers are globally integrated through ticketing and call management platforms, automatically routing inbound communications to the appropriate representatives based on language, client or subject matter expertise. Every communication is tracked and reported from initial contact through resolution, resulting in a service center network that enables consistent service quality, centralized reporting, SLA management and reduced learner support costs.

TSS also provides training help desk support, incident escalation and evaluation administration, and is prepared to handle tuition reimbursement or chargeback arrangements, issuing invoices and initiating reimbursement claims as necessary.



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