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Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) is the global leader in learning content transformation, with proven expertise in converting thousands of legacy courses and enabling adaptive multi-device display to ensure learners can access learning content from any device, anytime, anywhere. We can meet your conversion goals by smartly leveraging real-time data gathered by our proprietary intelligence tool to accelerate conversion activities — ensuring a cost-effective solution.

Countdown to 2020 is underway! With this near-term milestone comes a new set of web standards and the phase-out of updates and Flash content support across a number of devices and browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox.


Our mantra as an organization is Understanding First, meaning we invest the time up front to gain an intimate understanding of your unique learning challenges and goals — driving better business results. As a forward-thinking organization, we’ve developed a process using our proprietary intelligence tool, which provides an early glimpse and detailed overview of the work that lies ahead for your conversion effort. Insights gained from the compiled data will help you and RPS prioritize which eLearning courses to focus on first. We’ll design a strategy and batching schedule to streamline the process and determine the best way to structure the new eLearning content.

RPS’ proprietary intelligence tool is built on an advanced set of algorithms that automates and transmits data-driven analytics, enabling us to identify and categorize course assets. This allows us to bypass the manual work involved in course decomposition to more efficiently adapt reusable assets. The structured data compiled will allow us to focus more on improving content integrity, adding speed, accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

Our team of experts can provide a proven, end-to-end conversion strategy delivering the structure, flexibility, productivity, visibility and efficiency you require. We’ve successfully converted current and legacy courses establishing best practices in the optimal blending of pre-planning, asset validation and readiness.

RPS’ Flash Conversion Process:

  1. Our proprietary, intelligence tool accurately and thoroughly scans every course for Flash objects and other assets.
  2. The structured data, collected through the process, is transferred to a team of curriculum architects to create a robust strategy.
  3. The results is a strategy and plan of action that leads to decisions to convert, refresh, replace or retire the processed courses.

Our customers’ quest to extend the life of existing eLearning by obtaining Flash conversion services offers tremendous opportunity to transform your learning content using the latest technologies. This will allow you to deliver an enriched learner experience on both desktop and mobile devices.


Having delivered projects as small as one course to entire learning catalogs, we provide the integrated roadmap for proper planning, seamlessly managing your learning strategy and tailoring both content and course modality. Combining our learning expertise, our best practices honed over multiple engagements and our innovative intelligence tools allows RPS the flexibility to ramp up and scale down as necessary to meet any fluctuation in demand.

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