Energy Training

Raytheon's Energy Sector Training Is Unmatched

For industries in the energy arena, RPS provides learning solutions that elevate the performance of your global workforce and enhance your bottom line. With decades of proven expertise in harsh and high-consequence environments, RPS delivers training and asset life-cycle management solutions that improve safety and compliance, increase predictability and reliability, enhance efficiency and effectiveness, maximize your investments and minimize risk across the organization.

Our Focused Solutions

Industries that maximize the value of our natural resources, such as oil and gas, metals and mining and energy utilities, face a myriad of challenges. Globally dispersed workforces, the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape, offshore technology, mature equipment and high-risk environments all combine to create business complexity and uncertainty.

To help address these challenges, RPS focuses on two core offerings: training solutions and asset management. We work with you to analyze, design and implement training and asset management solutions designed to achieve your key business goals.

Global Leaders in Learning

As a global leader in learning strategies for more than 90 years, RPS has helped world-class organizations transform the way they deliver training. We have extensive experience working with clients such as NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. military. We've helped raise the standards for training in high-consequence environments including high-compliance commercial industries such as healthcare, automotive, and financial services.

Maximizing Your Assets

Organizations working in the energy market often operate in unforgiving, high-risk environments where downtime or failure of a mature asset can be catastrophic. RPS’ Asset Life-cycle Solutions provides an end-to-end comprehensive solution that ensures your investments are maximized and risks are minimized.


RPS provides utility companies with comprehensive learning solutions that result in cost reductions as well as improved workforce development and performance.

Our clients represent diversified energy organizations involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Deregulation, consolidation among providers, and the search for renewable energy sources has resulted in significant changes and challenges in the energy industry. These changes demand innovation and discipline. As a result, RPS' utility customers strategically outsource selected non-core functions to "drive costs down and develop administrative processes that provide value to both employees and energy customers."

Energy companies must ensure thousands of employees are compliant with regulatory and safety training. But pulling employees away from their daily responsibilities to meet training requirements can result in lost productivity and increased costs.

To address this challenge, RPS brings extensive learning industry experience in designing, delivering and managing cost-effective technical and nontechnical training that delivers the latest in blended learning technologies.

How We Can Help

RPS provides services across the full value stream of learning, which include:

  • Curriculum analysis and learning design
  • Courseware development (instructor-led and web-based)
  • Learning delivery — instructors in classrooms, online courseware, webinars, virtual classroom training, proctored web-based training
  • Testing and performance evaluation of learners
  • Learning administration (scheduling, rosters, records retention, educational assistance/tuition reimbursement (ETAP), Contact Center (learning "help desk" or "call center"))
  • Learning reports and metrics to track expirations and compliance training for safety-related certifications and job-related qualifications


Working with RPS, our clients experience constant improvement in several key areas of their learning organization, including strategic alignment, quality, capability, efficiency and cost. In addition, RPS’ significant Six Sigma capability will help you develop and implement process improvement initiatives across your organizations and within learning programs.

RPS' best-in-class training offers accelerated transformation, speed and accuracy; efficient administration and tactical processing; management/maintenance of world-class tools and technology; appropriate measurement/monitoring practices; e-learning technology (that otherwise would be cost-prohibitive); lower overall organizational cost structure; and a more variable cost model in the future.





Our oil and gas clients operate in some of the most demanding environments on Earth, using some of the most expensive and mission-critical equipment, with the added challenge of a dispersed workforce. This creates a need for robust, customized training solutions, as well as a unique system of asset testing and management.

In our expanded partnership with NASA, RPS is leveraging the same underwater environment used to train astronauts and test aerospace technology — the state-of-the-art Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) — to provide high-consequence training and subsea testing for the oil and gas industry.


Oil and gas companies often face harsh environments in remote locations that put high pressure on manpower and equipment; failure is not an option. RPS understands high-risk environments and provides your workforce with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to act quickly and effectively in the face of a crisis. Rigorous, hands-on training in authentic, real-world scenarios coupled with reliable and predictable equipment can help ensure success and a safe workplace — onshore or off. RPS' three unique oil and gas offerings (click each for more information):

  1. Hi-Con Training
  2. Subsea Testing
  3. Asset Life-Cycle Solutions


Our Automated Logistics Control System experts deliver a wide range of whole life-cycle asset management solutions and services to help amplify the value of your assets and reduce risk across your organization. We will work with you to analyze, design, implement and measure asset management solutions designed to achieve your business goals. At every touch point in your asset life cycle, we partner with you to create tailored solutions that maximize output and minimize downtime.



With our innovative set of assessment tools, RPS provides real-time remote system monitoring, asset failure prognostics and embedded hardware and software diagnostics. This leads to faster and more effective problem resolution, accurate risk predictions, increased uptime and reduced operating costs.

Rapid Workforce Deployment

With deployments in over 440 sites and 80 countries — including marine operations — our global reach and flexible staffing solutions allow us to provide technical expertise with specialized skillsets wherever and whenever the need arises.

Asset Visibility

We ensure you have crucial insight into your vital technology and equipment cost, quality and reliability to proactively inform decision-making. This visibility includes repairs, configurations and changes and ensures maximum operation uptime coupled with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Obsolescence Management

In addition to RPS' equipment phasing out management, we leverage rapid prototyping and precision machine and measurement tools. To further lower operational costs and maximize asset value, RPS offers safe and cost-effective upgrades, retrofits and technology insertions to extend your equipment beyond its service life, with an online vendor-managed inventory of spare parts catalogs, ordering systems and parts drawings, as well as access to a global network of equipment and service subcontractors.

Reliability and Maintainability

RPS provides worldwide system support, 24/7/365 monitoring, repair services and a highly qualified team trained to repair fielded equipment with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Through tailored Service Level Agreements, including performance-based logistics solutions, RPS provides seamless maintenance to maximize operational uptime and lower total ownership costs.

Subsea Operations Training

Onshore Testing for Offshore Success

RPS can help you develop, test and troubleshoot procedures for new subsea tools, technologies, equipment and methodologies prior to use in deep-water environments — all within the highly realistic underwater environment of the 6.2 million gallon pool at the NBL.

RPS' exclusive access to NASA's NBL provides a controlled, highly realistic underwater environment to ensure operational readiness before implementation in a deep-water or subsea application. At the NBL, we offer on-site testing, training, diving, engineering, manufacturing and logistics services to support oil and gas operations.

Our Solutions

With decades of experience working with NASA, the FAA, and the U.S. Military, Raytheon is the global leader in providing solutions and services for industries where failure is not an option At the NBL, we offer on-site testing, training, diving, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics services to support oil and gas operations.

Testing in our facility helps to:

  • Reduce risk of offshore and subsea operations
  • Accelerate schedule of critical projects
  • Lower cost and increase realism of testing
  • Optimize productivity and efficiency of key resources
  • Allow for earlier troubleshooting and refinement of technology

Before you deploy in a more costly, less forgiving offshore environment, choose RPS subsea testing at NASA's NBL.

ROV Testing and Services

RPS also conducts wet System Integration Tests (SITs) using a work-class Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV). Our access to the NBL helps us provide end-to-end services offering SITs in a reliable, cost-effective environment.

Wet SITS include the following comprehensive deliverables:

  • Coordination of all preparations at NASA's NBL
  • Rental of the ROV and standardized tooling and equipment
  • Mobilization and demobilization of the work-class ROV
  • A three-person work-class ROV crew to operate vehicle during SIT project
  • Testing of the standard work-class ROV operations
  • Digital underwater footage
  • Specific SIT summary report of operations

RPS will work closely with you to attain the desired testing slot and completion date for your wet SITs.

Optional SIT Services

  • Rental of multiple types of ROVs for testing new procedures, tooling and interfacing with newly designed manifolds, panels and blowout preventer ram operations
  • Validation of new equipment operations and procedures with and without an ROV interface
  • Provision of specialized tooling or equipment unique to customer needs
  • Access to planned or unplanned support (i.e., machine shop and engineers on-site) to develop and validate a critical solution, decreasing the chance of having to plan another SIT for validation
  • High levels of communication control to protect highly confidential intellectual property testing
  • Operating hours outside of normal business hours
  • Trialing of procedures and techniques to determine which solutions are most efficient and safest
  • New and current offshore survival techniques regularly demonstrated and practiced

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