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RPS has been a global leader and provider of learning solutions for more than 90 years. We have helped organizations in the energy industry transform the way they deliver training for their workforce to significantly improve performance, safety and compliance.

RPS, with decades of proven expertise in high-consequence environments, where doing things right the first time is critical, delivers training solutions that increase efficiency and effectiveness, maximize your investments and minimize risk across the organization.

Industries that maximize the value of our natural resources, such as oil and gas, metals and mining and energy utilities, face a myriad of challenges. Globally dispersed workforces, the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape, offshore technology, mature equipment and high-risk environments all combine to create business complexity and uncertainty.

RPS focuses on two core offerings to address these challenges: training solutions and asset management. We work with you to analyze, design and implement training and asset management solutions designed to achieve your key business goals.


Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry faces unique challenges and concerns. An aging workforce that is retiring and must successfully transfer knowledge to new employees. An ongoing focus on safety and changing regulations.

Raytheon Professional Services offers a wide range of learning solutions that support upstream and downstream operations. We design and deliver the most effective training for any oil and gas workforce requirement.

From instructor-led training to hands-on, online and virtual classroom training, we ensure your engineers, operators and frontline workers have the knowledge and skills they need to achieve high performance. Our simulation training provides learning in realistic and immersive environments where employees who work in high-risk or high-consequence areas can safely practice and make errors.

Our training for the oil and gas industry is focused on critical areas such as safety, compliance, process, and operations.

Technical & Nontechnical Training

Deregulation and consolidation among providers, and the search for renewable energy sources, has resulted in significant changes and challenges in the energy industry. These changes demand innovation and discipline. Companies also require an agile and well-trained workforce.

Figure 1

RPS provides utility companies with comprehensive learning solutions that result in cost reductions and improved workforce development and performance.

Energy companies must ensure thousands of employees are compliant with regulatory and safety training. But pulling employees away from their daily responsibilities to meet training requirements can result in lost productivity and increased costs.

RPS uses a variety of training delivery modalities to bring learning to the learners — exactly when and where they need it. From online and virtual classroom training to on-the-job performance support for field technicians, we ensure training is efficiently delivered so business can continue to move at the pace of change.

RPS’ learning services include:

  • Curriculum analysis and learning design
  • Courseware development (instructor led and web based)
  • Learning delivery — instructors in classrooms, online training, virtual classroom training,
  • Testing and performance evaluation of learners
  • Learning administration (scheduling, educational assistance/tuition reimbursement, learning help desk or call center)
  • Learning reports and metrics to track expirations and compliance training for safety-related certifications and job-related qualifications


Our clients experience constant improvement in key areas of their learning organization, including strategic alignment, quality, capability, efficiency and cost. Raytheon Six Sigma™ capabilities help our clients develop and implement process improvement across organizations and learning programs.

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