Cyber Security Training Solutions

Cybersecurity Training Solutions

Most of us are aware that humans are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. This is especially true in the work place where the consequences of a cyber breach can lead not only to financial losses but damage of systems and reputation.

That’s why properly training employees should be a top priority for every business.

The shortage of cybersecurity skills remains the single biggest challenge organizations face in their battle to protect critical data, systems, and applications against increasingly destructive and sophisticated cyber-attacks.

One of The critical questions you need to answer about your organization:

Is your current human capital and operational structure capable of meeting your cyber threats now and into the future?


RPS is the #1 ranked corporate training company. Raytheon is ranked among the top five cybersecurity companies in the world. We are the right choice for your cyber training.


Our Cyber Training & Talent Management solutions:

Raytheon Professional Services offers cyber talent services that help clients understand their current cyber talent capabilities and offer strategies on how to close any skill gaps through training and talent management.


The Cybersecurity Workforce Maturity Assessment analyzes your information security staff for their familiarity and confidence with performing key cybersecurity tasks. It provides an objective view of the capabilities of your staff and organization. Standardized results can be compared to required capabilities, peer results, and/or industry averages to provide a contextual view of individual and organizational gaps.


RPS designs and deploys cybersecurity learning and development strategies customized to the capability requirements for your organization. These strategies combine a mix of curated COTS training, tailored role-based specialty courses, and hands-on cyber exercises.


Closing capability gaps is difficult, time-consuming, and costly in today’s resource-constrained cyber skill environment. RPS provides innovative solutions including a blend of learning models and talent management strategies such as apprenticeships, internships, training, outsourcing, and targeted recruiting.

Fig. 1 - Our research shows 3/4 of organizations are not satisfied with the effectiveness of their current cybersecurity training.


We assess, adapt and manage cyber talent to ensure our clients are prepared to meet any cyber challenge – Today, tomorrow.

  • CYBER ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENT: Maximize training investment through baseline assessment.
  • CYBER TRAINING: Delivery of this emerging requirement by industry practitioners and experts.
  • CLOUD-BASED LABS: Design and delivery of Web-based cyber labs. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • CYBER ACADEMY ADMINISTRATION: Operational setup and support, both centralized and decentralized
  • CYBER APPRENTICESHIPS: Workforce upskilling programs in US and internationally.