Content Development

Content Development

RPS has perfected a robust series of processes, guidelines and templates for content development that are designed to maximize training effectiveness and the reuse of content in other markets and across multiple formats. The result is a cost-effective, integrated development process where content delivery is more flexible, blended, engaging, rapidly produced — and the learning can be continuous.

Our development teams leverage proven processes to guarantee accurate and on-time completion of courseware shaped around customers' business, cultural and financial goals. Through expert project management, close collaboration with customers' subject matter experts and an agreed-upon, transparent process, we ensure expectations of final material are aligned early and rework is minimized.

RPS' modular methodology and templates enable us to develop consistent, effective learning content while simultaneously allowing for regional and market variation. The aim is to maximize reliability, eliminate redundant effort and allow adaptation to meet the needs of specific markets.

Partnership Engagement Models

To ensure learning programs are managed to the highest level of efficiency, Raytheon Professional Services provides global customers with learning vendors and partners management services.

Training Content Management

RPS' content management service encompasses all aspects of course and content evaluation, pricing and selection. As the learning solutions provider for some of the largest global companies, RPS maintains a significant number and variety of partnerships worldwide. These relationships benefit customers of all sizes and scope, allowing us to optimize quality and effectively manage costs.

The Right Vendors and Partners Help Reduce Costs While Improving Overall Quality

When you outsource the overall management of your training programs — including vendor management — to RPS, we work to get you the best value and performance across the board. Following a detailed review and alignment of training and supplier strategies, we will work with you to examine and evaluate your existing supply chain framework. We will then establish the infrastructure and processes that will enable us to assume complete vendor management and ensure that you have the necessary resources to meet your global training delivery objectives.



Curriculum Development

Although training programs often evolve and operate across multiple geographical markets, some courseware have commonalities that make them reusable. The challenge is to maintain the consistency and accuracy of curriculum content across a diverse training landscape with multiple languages, countries and cultures, eliminating wasteful repetition where possible. RPS also recognizes that each market may have its own specific needs and require flexibility between individual courses, and we are committed to support the adoption of consistent global standards.

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) assembles and manages content modules in a learning content management system (LCMS). With extensive experience working with similar systems, RPS can develop courses using a customer's LCMS or our own proprietary solution. Our LCMS incorporates best-practice templates for online courseware development without danger of conflict or inconsistency, and the system forms the basis for an efficient, cost-effective content management strategy.

Our curriculum development employs a dynamic, flexible framework that breaks down projects into key phases of analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. We also add a sixth element — maintenance, because we recognize the need to refine and evolve curricula as needs and priorities change. In addition, we offer a unique translation process that ensures learners are presented with content in the appropriate language that also reflects local cultural factors. At RPS we understand that your training presentation is globally reflective of you.

RPS works with your brand specialists to produce a global style guide with a consistent voice and format for your training materials that completely satisfies your corporate guidelines.

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